I am not attracted to men. But crave cock

I can't help it.... all I think about is getting fucked and sucking cock. Never done it before but want to so bad.... not able to find anyone yet. Been cruising country roads hoping to come across a horny farmer out for a walk or jog wearing sweats or better yet some shorts showing his boner. .. I'd pull over and we'd take a short walk into an orchard where he pull it out and I go for it.... he ends up pumping me full of cum and we go on our way..... hope I find him soon I can't stand the craving!!

2 months ago

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    • Are there not any men in MINNESOTA that want there cock sucked

    • I am a heterosexual male, but I would love to put my circumcised cock at your disposal for some no strings attached sex. I love women and I would want to give you the most wonderful experience! Do you have a big bush?

    • I'm a man.....

    • I'm a man.... read the post

    • You’re not a man. You’re a sissified non-binary waste of flesh.

    • And you're nothing but a load of horse shit you half dead fuck ass son bitch!

    • I don’t know if she does but I do have a big bush blond too and I want your big circumcised cock at my disposal

    • Who are you msging? You want cock I'll give you cock and make you take it all Bush or no bush!!

    • You have a cock? Better spit it out cuz it ain’t yours.

    • Hey...... fuck you! Who put a fucking Nicole in your slot you mother fucker! Get a life bitch didn't your fucked up parents teach you better? They should be burned alive for bringing a PC of shit like you into this world !!! Son of bastard fuck you!!

    • I'm a 26 year old lesbian and have the same urges. I've never experienced a real penis but I have fantasies about it. I've watched strait porn and wondered what a cream pie would feel like.
      I find men repulsive but I also think sucking a real penis would be erotic too.

    • You can have my 6.5c anytime just let me know when And where

    • Thank you.... and if you ever want to try a real penis... mine is at your disposal.. no strings.

    • Im lesbian also would love to met you and do the no strings attached I really would like some dick and eat some guy cum for a change I’m from Orange Cove Ca

    • That's not far from outskirts of sanger... we could meet up inbetween somewhere... park .. greet then I'm all yours to do as you will with.

    • Yes let’s meet and talk some about what I would like to try I know I want to swallow your cum but I’m also thinking of trying anal are you up for that

    • Hello...? What happened... change your mind? Well my cock is yours whenever you want it.... I sent you my number on my last msg so just text me whenever and I'll get back at you...

    • I’m in MINNESOTA and I’m interested

    • You are the boss.... whatever you want.. use my cock any way you want.... and if you want me to do anything else just say the word. I still would like a pic if you would text me one please... three nine three I'll send you some back if you want three eight five five.. I think they dropped the last .Message I sent you with my number on it I hope you get this one.

    • I posted almost the same thing. Where do you live?

    • Outskirts of sanger ca...

    • I'm across the country. Doesn't work.

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