Stretching My Vagina

My husband wants my vagina to be loose. He can easily get four fingers in me know and we are working up to him being able to fist me. We work on it every night and I enjoy it but I wonder why he wants my vagina to be loose. Is this normal I always thought men wanted it to be tight.

1 month ago

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    • My wife hates when I suck stretch her lips said feels like piece of meat hanging or folded in her panties

    • My hubby loves my well stretched cunt - can inserts a coke bottle now. Contrary to popular belief the cunt will not remain gaping wide or loose because of its high degree of elasticity. One might only feel it while fucking deeper and for longer time!

    • I love to drink wine then stretch my cunt with the bottle. My pussy gets stretched to the limit and I cumm so hard when the whole thing's inside me!

    • I would love to have anal with you while you fuck your pussy with the wine bottle

    • When I first married my wife she was tight as hell and she could make me cum in a few minutes it was nice at first but it was not that satisfying cumming so fast. She bought herself a big didlo and she would strict her pussy out with it before we had sex and that helped out a lot. But she eventually got tired of the didlo and started fucking other men and letting me have sloppy seconds from her. That definitely worked for us her pussy was so wet and lose that I could last a long time fucking her and I loved that.

    • Very similar to what my wife and I do. I love sloppy seconds

    • My husband has a nice thick cock so it really feels good when he puts it in my loose vagina. Lets face it, after two kids and him fucking me for the last 20 years of marriage, it's loose!

    • I want to eat that loose pussy I love loose married pussy

    • I've never really been a very tight girl but I got really loose after having 2 kids. Turns out hubby loved it even more! So we started stretching me with big toys and OMG it's the best! Seems like a lot of guys enjoy the novelty of a really loose pussy, including other guys ive had recently. I don't really know why but I do know it works out great for me!

    • That’s great girl keep stretching it my husband likes loose pussy because he can fuck longer before he cums I like like loose pussy girls because I do like sucking on their stretched pussy lips

    • I love my wife’s loose pussy she was tight when we married but after training her fisting and letting her fuck big dick guys and the gangbangs it really helped her pussy to resize now it’s sloppy and wet I love it

    • I love my wife, married for 22 years.
      I get a lot of pleasure taking time to stretch her out, she enjoys it too. I use my fingers till she's stretched enough to take my hand inside of her, the whole time I give her oral as well. When I change positions and slide my cock into her it's the best feeling ever. I very much prefer her creamy, and gaping, the looser the better for me!

    • I love loose pussy my wife’s loosen up when she started fucking black guy and I love it

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