Licked in the dark

In the dark of the night I went into the bedroom and saw her there. Unbuttoned her onesie, flipped her around and parted her little cheeks as wide as they could go. I couldn’t see but I could smell where the hole was. I dug my nose and sniffed the smell of butthole. I dug my tongue as far as it could go and was surprised that it was only about the size of a dime. I licked deeply. She began to cry so I held her down while my tongue did what it wanted to do, lick her rectum. Flipped her around and stuck my filthy tongue up her vagina. Buttoned her back up and left but had to come back for seconds. I ripped off that onesie and spread that ass once again to let my tongue do it’s bidding, aka tongue fucking her delicious ass.

1 month ago

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    • My girlfriend and I role-play with a onesie occasionally. The last time I stuck my tongue in her pink butt hole I felt the tip of something hard. Didn’t really like that. But I flipped it with the tip of my tongue a few times.

    • Sounds pretty hot

    • Shit eater hey

    • I did that while babysitting once. Didn't lick his ass, I sucked him off. About the same age tho. Figured he'll never remember and it's a chance I might never get again.

    • You should always lick the butthole 👅

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