Fucking a petite Russian homeless girl in LA

I recently went to go see the movie Father Stu at the movie theater and was hungry after the movie so I went to the nearest MCDONALD'S. I wanted to eat inside but at this time it was like 9:30 and they had closed their doors to eat inside and while I was walking back to my car I see this homeless person walk past me and we exchanged a look and I looked back to see them try to also get in and at this point I was opening my door when I notice them bolt to my car and open my passenger door and get in. At first I was shocked and was like hell no but after seeing that it was this young petite European girl I was like hell yeah and all she would tell me was to take here home and I did think about it but after she smiled at me and told me two more times to take her home and that she would sleep in my bed with me I started the car and headed home with such a hard on and just thinking about fucking her all night. On the way to my place I asked her for her name and where she was from since she had a strong accent and her age so she said her name was Jennifer and that she's from Russia and is 26 years old. We got to my house and my dogs went crazy barking at her but we eventually got in and she went straight to my bed and layed down and just would look at me asking me to lay down next to her but I told her that she needed to come and wash her hands and take off all the layers of clothes she had on. I also gave here a banana to eat and she ate it like if she had not eaten in a week so I made here a sandwich and gave her some water which she also ate like if she was starving. At that point she had washed her hands and was laying on my bed but she had a black blood shot eye and a broken finger and a swollen leg that I all attended to by rubbing some bengay on her leg and finger and put some eye drops and gave here some pain medicine. I then started touching her more and more until I told her to unzip her two hoodies so I could suck her tits which she was reluctant to until I started to touch her breast and then she let me, then it was on. I layed nest to her and turned in the tv and while we where there laying down I put my hands down her pants and she grabbed my hand but I grabbed both hands with my other hand and told her to open her legs and she did but just told me to be gentle so I finger banged her for a bit until I couldn't help myself and I took off her pants and went down on here for a while licking her pussy and her ass and she was loving it and told me that I really know how to take care of her. At that moment I got naked and grabbed her and started fucking her tight little pussy until I cummed inside her and wipped her down from all the cum that was dripping and we layed there watching TV and making out. She then started to call me her husband and saying that I'm going to protect her and take care of her and that I would buy her a ring so we can get married. I thought about it but then came to my senses that she was just going to be a stay at home girl since she wouldn't be able to get a job especially since she told me that she suffers from social anxiety so I was like fuck I would love to help her but all she really is is a tight Russian fuck doll to play with and cum inside. I did contemplate keeping her so I could at least fuck her three times a day and do all the fetishes I have on her but eventually I didn't want to spend the extra money on feeding and clothing her so after two days of doing every fucked up thing I wanted to do to her I told her we would go to the hospital to get her injuries checked out and have breakfast and then come home. So I did take her to breakfast right around the corner from the hospital she wanted to go to and then just diched her after paying for the meal and finishing my meal. She followed me and told me she wanted to stay with me and go home but I just got in and drove off. I would have liked to have had her for a while since I'm into really skinny petite girls and I would have done all kinds of crazy shit to her but just didn't want to spend the extra money to feed and dress her.

1 month ago

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    • You're a screwed up human being

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