Julie got Gangbanged

I found out something about my wife, Julie, that I never knew before. We were talking after having sex Saturday before going to sleep and she told me that she had been gangbanged both in high school and college.
In high school her second boyfriend took her to a party and most of the football team was there. When she walked in, she noticed that she was the only girl there with fifteen boys. Her boyfriend was looking at getting himself into the top group at high school and had brought her to the party so that all of them could fuck her. Julie said that once she knew what her boyfriend had set up, she could have left before anything happened, but she thought that it would be fun to be fucked by all of them. She also thought that she'd do it since her boyfriend wanted her to. She was only 16 then and she wanted to keep her boyfriend happy so that he would stay with her. All fifteen of the football players fucked her over about three hours before her boyfriend took her home. Her boyfriend didn't fuck her and just dropped her off at her house without talking to her at all. Her parents were asleep and luckily didn't see her as she said that she was walking funny since a couple of the guys were much bigger than either of the two cocks that had fucked her before. Once everyone in the high school knew about the fifteen guys fucking her at the party, her boyfriend broke up with her. He also never got in the top group of their high school.
In college, her last college boyfriend before me took her to a fraternity party after they had been dating for over a year. He took her into one of the upstairs bedrooms and they took their clothes off and got on the bed. He kissed her and made out with her and then another guy got on the bed, got on top of Julie and stuck his cock into her as her boyfriend kissed her. Her boyfriend sat back and watched the other guy fuck her until he came deep inside her. Then six more fraternity guys fucked Julie while her boyfriend sat beside her and watched them fucking her. After the last one came inside Julie, her boyfriend got on top of her, and she guided his cock inside her and he quickly came after only a few strokes. Julie said that she orgasmed five times while the seven frat guys fucked her. She said that she didn't come while her boyfriend fucked her.
Julie said that her boyfriend took her over to the frat house every Saturday evening for several months. Over that time, Julie said that over thirty frat guys fucked her. After she broke up with this boyfriend, Julie said that she kept going over to the frat house to get fucked. Julie told me that she actually went over to the frat house a few times after we had started dating and fucking. Julie said that when she decided that we were serious she stopped going to the frat house to be fucked even though she said that she really enjoyed all of the frat guys fucking her. I said if she had told me that she enjoyed being gangbanged, I would have taken her to the frat house and would have loved watching her as all the frat guys fucked her. I told her that I would have loved fucking her after six or ten frat guys had come in her. Julie said if I wanted to watch her being gangbanged she would do it but I would have to set it up. I told her that I would set it up as soon as I could get ten guys lined up. I have called many guys that I grew up with and have six lined up for next Saturday, I hoping for at least four more!

1 month ago


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    • So how did it go?? Bookmarking this in the hope that you comment with a followup. Such a hot story, and such a sexy wife to be into that!
      I second the other commenter's suggestion. My favorite sex act is eating my wife's pussy right after another man has cum inside her and pulled out.

    • If you were my buddy, I wouldn't fuck your wife. I'd just have you suck my cock. Not sharing my buddy's girl with our other friends, just creepy. I'd be happy to give you my nut though.

    • You still getting fucked through gloryholes?

    • Yes but I got arrested last week.

    • I hope you have a great time! I’d stick my cock in her if we knew each other. Let you watch me shoot a big load in her. When you stick your cock in her, all those previous loads of cum are going to be running down and dripping off you balls. You might want to try eating out the cum out of her after each one!

    • Good suggestion. I think that I would like cleaning each guy's cum out of Julie before the next guy fucked her. It will be embarrassing for me while I watch many of my friends fucking my wife but just thinking about them fucking her one after the other gets me hard. I can't wait until Saturday.

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