Wife sucking dick

My wife confessed that she sucked a black cops dick to avoid getting a dui, she said she enjoyed feeling of and smelling the big utility belt he had on, she was 19 years old, she give him her phone number, he called several times ,her mother answered and could tell it was a black man, she told her mother what had happened, her mother said that happened to her a couple of times and she too give out her phone number, she was married and scared that her husband would answer the phone, He never did and she fucked the cop two times, my wife said that ever since then she can get turned on seeing the belt on a cop, I told her that I would be ok with her fucking a cop a time or two as long as I knew in advance who when and where, I gave her permission to fuck anyone she wanted as long as I could control things, she has been fucking a black state trouper \Ive been ok with it because it has improved our sex life a little/

1 month ago

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    • My wife had a black boyfriend in high school and said it was too big to suck for a long time, so she would suck it a little, lick it up and down while jerking it and lick and suck his balls while she would jerk him and slap her face with his big dick, until he would cum all over her face or in her mouth. I learned about this when she first started giving me BJs when we met and she would spend so much time with my balls in her mouth and not sucking me, she told me this is how she did it for so long that it’s her technique. She’s since adapted to my average cock and sucks it like normal.

    • You are right about one thing once my wife started fucking other guys our sex life got a lot better. I don't know if it's because she's more open and free or if it's because she has learned different things from other guys. She does tend to fuck more black men but I don't care as long as we still have a great relationship together and she's a lot better in bed now.

    • Very lucky man ! my wife dated black men before i met her , we have been married for 16 years now and i really wish she would date black men again i would be okay with her doing it .

    • Perfect arrangement!

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