My Anal Awakening

When I was 18 I went to Miami FL from NY and did odd jobs on boats. At this time in my life I was straight and had a fair amount of experience with girls and always liked that, but was always curious about sex with guys. Up til then I had never been with a guy sexually. My work usually involved cleaning or painting , or waxing or sanding or varnish. I'd work at different marinas or boat yards. Sometimes the work was on real nice yachts at nice marinas, but more often at out of the way lower quality places.

Once I was working at sort of a low-end marina where boats were stored floating at their slips under a covered roof. I was doing a project to re-varnish a 25 ft boat. It involved a lot of sanding and was hard hot work. There was an older man, maybe 50, who lived aboard his sailboat near the boat I worked on and he would often check me out. I was a young looking 18 and thin (a twink I now know) and I definitely cock-teased a bit, bending over and giving him a show and letting him see my shirtless sweaty body.

One day he came over to say hello and invited me for a beer when I was done working. Now although I'd never been with a guy, my fantasy thoughts were always of older men. and always a stranger, not someone I know, and always me being very submissive to their dominence. I know now of course that is a thing, but back then I just knew how I felt. I also knew my interest in men was not romantic, only sexual, and honestly I just wanted to be a dirty slut for a man. The first time he invited me I polite!y declined, wanting it but genuine!y nervous.. Each night I'd go home regretting my decision and jerk off and cum big thinking about him. By the third or fourth invitation later in the week, I had weakened and said I'd stop by later when I was done work. Maybe I just wanted a co!d beer. Sure, we'll go with that.

When I went over to his sailboat later he invited me aboard. We sat out in the cockpit having beers and he kept feeding them to me, occasionally touching a knee, or a shoulder.. On my third beer I was saying how nice his boat was and he said "Let me give you a tour".. It was maybe a 50 foot boat and we started at the bow and worked back. As we went he was getting touchier and more suggestive, which excited me beyond words.. The beers helped weaken me to what I knew I wanted. When we reached the back of the boat he showed me the last space, his master cabin. Now if you've ever spent time on a boat this size, you know a cabin like that is so small that mostly what it contains is the bed.

He invited me in which sort meant you had to be on the bed. I was so excited for what I knew would happen next. I sat down next to him and he came in for a kiss and we just started making out. I told him I'd never been with a man and that really excited him...taking me as a virgin. The thrill I felt being seduced and taken by this older man was intense. My fantasies and desires all came out and I did anything and everything he wanted. I was intent on pleasing him and being his slutty bitch. I got on my knees and started sucking him as he talked and guided me. The feel of his warm hard cock and strong voice was incredible. I licked his balls, and then his assho!e. I was nervous to rim him at seemed disgusting...but it was the ultimate submission and I loved it. So did he.

Finally be wanted to fuck me, which was my ultimate desire.. I assumed a doggie style position I had always fantasized about, but he wanted me on my back, legs on his shoulders. He used Vaseline lotion as lube and took his time. Once he was in...which was incredible,and felt wonderful...he proceeded to pound my litle virgin ass like there was no tomorrow. He fucked me for what seemed like hours though I'm sure it wasnt. His powerful and masculine relentless thrusts were like an unstoppable turbo charged piston. I got my doggie style and a lot more. I rode his cock from on top, bent into every position for him, and he even moved me around the boat to get creative with positions.

I was begging for him to cum starting back when I was sucking him. But he held out knowing he had a lot to get done. He pumped my mouth and was so fucking hard for so long. Finally be ejaculated deep in my ass with a primal groan that made me feel like an accomplished little slut, even if only a rookie. For the rest of the time I worked on that boat, I stopped by every day. I even visited him once in a while after I wasn't working there. I bet he took me and pounded my fuck holes at least 20 times. He came in, on and all over every possible place. I loved swallowing his sweet cum, but when he taught me about facials that was very hot too. He would let me get off if I wanfed, but that was not his priority or mine. For both of us it was about my submission to his sexual will, and giving him sexual p!easure. I've been fucked hard by many men since then, but I'll never enjoy the memories of anyone more than him.

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    • Fuck off!

    • My first time was when a guy caught me playing with his daughter who was only 13, he grabbed me, put me over his knee with my pants down and smacked me good, then took ahold of my dick and jacked me off right in front of her to embarrass me.
      She sat there and watched the whole thing, and laughed.
      He ordered me to never touch her again and I didn't until she was 20, then I took her to a motel after running into her on the street and got my revenge.
      She really did not want it up her ass very much but she got it anyway.

    • I was a 15 year old kid sleeping on an old cabin cruiser that belongs a friend of my dad's. He had way too much interest in me and it was obvious. I was already experiencing makeout sessions with other boys but was naively innocent about hard-core man-boy sex until Jack dumped his load in my cheeky bottom.

    • I was a sweet faced prepubescent kid hanging out with the older kids at the river boat launch and docks. I had been taught to suck and bottom for them way before puberty and actually enjoyed it. I was kinda the rich kid hanging with the river rat kids, it's only natural it seemed suck'n and swallowing salty boycum. Fancy new fresh boy's underpants taken as trade for torn dingy brown river water washed hand-me-down boy's barely there briefs after a few loads of seeded boycum filled my cheekyness. Freshly fucked pink bottom I scampered about barefoot in the upstream mud in my traded tattered barely there boy panties feeling wonderfully fuck'd and alive. Got discovered by Willie the 19 year old down syndrome black boy who had his way with me...I said that I'd suck him if he didn't hurt me and gagged on its thickness. Willie slapped my nakedness on my back "You're pretty" he drooled slowly sliding his hand down to the small of my back then completely over the cheeky pink flesh barely covered by the tattered boy pants. Snapped me onto his lap facing the river his cock found its happy spot. My fuck pouty rosebud still juicy and receptive from the early teasing by the boy's downstream was slowly impaled, his bug hands on my narrow hips slowly pulled me back onto his cock.

    • Oh very nice! Thank you

    • You're very welcome, I'm a boy who luvs ❤️ to please. ;-)

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