My anal NEEDS

I'm bisexual and and have a fairly even balance between straight and gay desire, although always one or the other at a time. But occasionally I get into this weird mood where my need for anal pounding is over the top out of control intense. It doesn't really matter whether it's from a guy, a woman pegging me, or a wall or floor mounted dildo. When I'm in this mood, which is usually around christmas, late winter, and mid summer, I need to get unmercifully fucked in the ass. I mean seriously pounded like a horny little cheerleader that has been cock teasing the football team. The kind of sissy was checking that teaches me once and for all what my asshole is really for. I make every effort to satisfy my need when this happens, like it is right now.

7 months ago


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    • He’s also the same dude that sells kiddy porn over the internet.
      He was trying to do that here about 1-2 years ago.

    • We have neighbors that are swingers, she is straight and he is bisexual. I have had his wife sitting on my face while he blows me many times, and about all variations of possible sex. I screw his wife, he likes it up the butt, he gives me hand jobs and she helps. His wife is flat chested as I am, but my wife is voluptuous. That makes nice variety.

      My wife knows all about it, but so far has refused to join in, the most she has ever done is flash some and once she let a delivery guy she knew screw her.

      I caught her that one time, which is why she allows me to do anything I want. I am fairly sure she is also having a few affairs, some of her shopping trips take four hours and longer.

    • Just last night my wife gave me permission to take a real man for a lover with the requirement that I only bottom (she said, "Be the girl."). She added no sex with women and can't use my penis because that is for her alone.

    • That sounds perfect!

    • Oh my goodness that just sounds so bloody incredible to wanna take another guys ragin' hard on up my ass oh my god now I've never had another guys boner pokin me in my arse and now I'm goanna be the (Quote Female gettin' Poked - and lovin' it now) I wanna be the girl in the relationship of two guys now cause I wanna get doggystyled till my man is done and blown his load in my ass huh , Condom of Course I'm such a slut now. I want him to say to me that I'm goanna be his new cocksucker and cum swallow whore now so whaddya think of bein' a Mans Cocksucker ye lil bitch huh Mmmm I'll do whatever you want big buoy.

    • My wife discovered I like anal sex, so one day when I came home, there was some guy there.
      Turned out he was sort of under hung, I mean thin and maybe 4".
      My wife sat there and watched as the guy did me, my first time with a male.
      It was fun, sort of nasty.
      Just the one time, not sure way she wanted to see that.

    • That sounds pretty awesome cause as a guy who's never had his arse pegged yet that size of guys wiener to be devirginized by is just awesome cause size for devirginizing is the most important I think anyways and just to be my wifes bum buddy for her guy friend is such a turn on cause now I'm just like a whore in my mind only what a dirty slut who's wife states who I sleep with no questions asked yes ma'am , I'm nothin' but a dirty cocksucker for my wife and I'll swallow all her guys juicy load down my throat Mmmm now shes callin' me her cocksucker FAGGOT and I say I'll suck any cock you tell me to honey as your homo now honey Mmmm I just suck cock to be her lovin' cock sucker now , would you buoys blow your loads in my open mouth cause I wanna be the slut who's known for swallowin' any of her guy friends load , I'm such a whore now Mmmm thats the bitch I've always dreamed of boning now I'm doin those guys's cocks just that way hey Mmmm great hey

    • Karen (the fat shaming loser that fucks his mother’s corpse) is also a gloryhole regular and is now up to 400 lbs. from all of the cum he has swallowed.

      He looks like a giant Sperm Tick.

      He still lives in his mom’s single-wide.

    • I am a married guy too and I let men have sex in my ass I love the feel of man going off inside me

    • I'm still in my middle teens and the more stuff that I do with guys the more I think about it and want to. My friend says that if someone cums in a boys butt before he's been with a girl it makes him gay. I got a girlfriend that I haven't had sex all the way yet but every boy or man that wants to has been there with me?????
      What gives?

    • I have been a submissive bisexual since I was a very young boy. I was lucky enough to marry a woman who is very sexuality opened minded and understood my anal needs. We have a loving open marriage relationship. She has baught every toy that you can think of to fuck my ass with and I love when she does. I love fucking her pussy but we both have the need for more. She will fuck other men and she also understands my need for a real cock in my ass. The feeling of having a man on top of me with his hands on my hips or with my legs up over his shoulders. Surrendering my body to him as he enters my love hole and have him pump his big cock into me. And there's nothing better than when I have a hands free anal orgams from a guy fucking my ass. That's as close as you can get to knowing how a woman feels when she is getting fucked. Then letting him cum where ever he wants in my mouth or my ass. Either way is fine with me.

    • I'm 22 and recently married and had my first big cock fuck'n at Christmas. My wife's been playfully fingering my butt because she's enamored with it. "It's so cute did other boys really fuck you when you were a kid?" She'd squeal before shoving a finger or when feeling aggressive a fisted thumb resemblance of ball's an cock. I liked that, her on top thumb in my ass cheeks humping me like I was a boy again.
      I had to know....I met him in a bar telling my wife that I had to work late.
      "You're not too big are you, I haven't done anything since I was a kid?!"
      "Don't worry about it, I'll be really gentle." He assured me. I tingled in my fresh new string bikini underpants I bought especially for him.
      He fed me numerous drinks and I was in my fuckpanties in his apartment before I knew it and submitted to his 9 inches of pain and miraculously it was all in me. He fucked me for an hour and came in me two times which left me gaping and my underpants filled with bloody cum on the way home. My wife was spending the weekend with her parents and I soaked in a warm bath amazed that I could fit three fingers easily inside me when previously I could barely get a finger in. I was also quite taken with how I felt inside. Warm and velvety smooth I enjoyed its puffy fresh fucked feeling and thought "Way better than my wife's pussy and thinking that I must of been a fabulous fuck...."

    • After a while even my wife's strapon and other toys don't cut it.i need a real man on top of me.

    • There is nothing like it!!! Toys are great, but cock is king!

    • I can relate. I go through times when I really need some anal attention. I wish my wife liked doing that for me, but she doesn't. I just use the toys I have by myself. It's just not all that satisfying using dildos. I want someone else to take control and fuck me hard. I wish I could convince her to find a guy with a big thick cock to fuck both of us. I really want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a man. I am naturally submissive and want to be fucked hard by a man who is totally in control.

      I hope you find what you're looking for too.

    • I totally relate. I bared my soul to wife about my needs, not easy to do. She didn't care. Even though she had anal needs herself and I took care of them. So now we are divorced and my wonderful GF pegs me hard and loves seeing how happy it makes me. Still I want cock but respect the GF so consider myself lucky with what I have. Good luck finding satisfying cock.

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