What’s the best sex you ever had?

Think back. Why was it so good?

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    • Wow that is so awesome of my best sex and I really am going to say that I first time for me and my sister was the first time for her and she was very excited horny and she wants to go around the world and cum in each hole and I did twice in each of her holes and have been since

    • Picked up a hot, perfect-bodied, 4" long, golden nailed Carribean woman at a sports bar one night, we hit it off fast, she turned me on from head to toe, and we left together. Didn't make it to my house before I pulled alongside a shopping center and fucked her hard in a salvation army bin. The door was open and there were clothing bags inside, she already had her long-nailed hand on my cock, so I told her, let's be bad and fuck in the donation bin. It was very wild, and she had her long, fit legs in the corner of the bin.

    • I fucked my girlfriend on a dock by the ocean when we were on vacation. We didn't know anyone was around but there were guys on a boat anchored about 50 feet away. After we finished the guys on the boat cheered and invited us to join them for a cruise. My girlfriend was embarrassed and wanted to put her clothes back on and I told her that they had already seen her getting fucked so there was no need to get dressed. We got on the boat and went out of the harbor. While we were riding each of the four guys fucked my girlfriend on the deck of the boat. After all four of them fucked her, I fucked her again. My girlfriend said that it was the best sex that she ever had. A few months later I asked her to marry me and we were married over forty years ago. Many times multiple guys have fucked my wife but she still says that the first time was the best.

    • In my late 20s while traveling solo in Africa I reached Lagos, Nigeria. As usual I rented a home-run accommodation for a week at the out skirt of the city. The owner of the home - a BBW in her early 40s. At late night she tapped the door of my room and asked whether I needed anything. She was in short skirt, without bra showing of her deep cleavage of the ample pair of boobs. Jokingly I told her that I wanted her tits. She giggled and closed the door behind ... We fucked all holes for about 3 hours - the best in my life!

    • I was a junior in high school and a virgin. I got invited to a party at a friend's house. Their parents were gone out of town.
      My friends told Kerri and she wanted to be my first. She was known to 'put out', had an amazing body and long brown hair too.
      We went to a bedroom and she gave me a blow job. When it was time to have sex she told me I could only do anal. Turns out she was Catholic.
      My cock looked damn good going in and out of her tight a$$. We dated for a few months and had lots of sex. Anal only. She was crazy, loved sex and blew me away each time!
      I asked my friends that had fucked her before if they got in her pu$$y. They told me she'd only allow them anal too.
      She went off to college and I never seen her again.

    • My cousin from NY came to Texas to visit the family with his wife (Lisa) and the kids, we particularly had a pool party every night, with lots of drinks. Most if the family had left already, my cousin Carlos was passed out drunk, and so was Lisa. I carried her to the bedroom first, hoping to cop a cheap feel, as I started to feel her up, she started moaning, calling me babe, asking me to fuck her, kiss her, calling me Carlos. And I did just that, I fucked her over and over. I held her until she passed out again, and unlocked her phone with her finger and found out she’s not that faithful. Of course I sent myself her pics she had stored, lots of nudes. And I brought my cousin into the room. The next morning it was like it never happened

    • Best ever was the last piece. Just finished.

    • Best ever? My first dog in my early teens. Ruthie was her name. Even though she was a bitch she never bitched at me. Just let me use her for my pleasure and never expected anything in return except a pat on the head and canned dog food occasionally.

    • I'm torn between two but the two have similarities. Both were with hot young married mothers of an infant or toddler. Both husbands knew and approved. Both couples didn't require birth control.

      The first was way out of my league and the main reason I can think of as to why she picked me was that I looked a lot like her husband. Her husband took the baby into the bedroom to babysit so we could have some 'privacy.' We were in Japan and three of her living room walls were glass. What made it so hot was that her neighbors were openly watching as we were striving to put on a 'good show.'

      The second was years later, after I was married. A Latina coworker wanted a blonde baby enough to ask my wife and I if she could lend me to her to give her a blonde baby. Once we spoke to her husband we agreed. It was surreal to have permission by both of our spouses to make a baby the old-fashioned way. The first session she insisted on using birth control, to make sure she got her jollies first. That became the method for the first two months, before we took our task seriously.

      I never lied to my wife at all and instead of getting upset, it spurred her on. She even served as my fluffer, when we met at our place. The third month worked, and they eventually had a blonde baby girl. Bizarrely, the whole situation was an elixir to our marriages.

    • Sounds great. Did you and your wife ever add more elixir to your marriage?

    • HS Senior I had the hottest History 102 teacher. I'd get special permission to sit in on her 101 class. Miss Jilly knew I had the hots, seemed to be flattered. I was a big muscular kid. This is 1968 -- the drinking age is 18 and I see her in a Club at Xmas break the following year. I buy her a beer "Baby it's cold outside." My line, and she liked it. 2 more beers and we're back her place fucking like porn stars, I never knew a girl could go cowgirl backwards. Her line that got me "I hope you're taking notes." I fuck 20x before I go mack to school. FWB for 2 years, then another careless teacher knocks her up, At our 20 year reunion she gave me a blowjob in my van.

    • Absolutely best ever? My left hand. A back handed grip with my thumb down.
      I felt long and thick. Pumped three ropes of cum up my pj sleeve. Took some pics of my gaping cream pie sleeve.

    • The hottest girl in town I asked out 20x. "Sorry, no thanks." She dates Ivy league guys. During the summer I paint with my uncle. One Saturday she calls me. "I fucked up- my parents went away for the weekend and want to surprise them, paint the den. It's a mess." I say I busy, call an Ivy leaguer. "I'll give you $50."
      Still no -- then the magic words "I'll fuck you." --- 1970

    • Best sex for me was my 1st affair. Met her on AM and I couldn't believe how much she loved sex. She is multiorgasmic, something I had not experienced before. The wife is one orgasm and she is done for a week. I had this woman cuming over and over again. Not big ones, but still. I stopped counting when she got to 10 (there were more), and we stopped when she said she couldn't take anymore, and told me to cum. We only met a couple more times for sex and it was the same each time. She broke it off after that saying that she was falling for me and that couldn't happen.

    • 22 in my first bachelor pad, a trendy complex near a big hospital. My hobbies: playing tennis on the courts there, fucking the nurses I played tennis with. Lots of time for both, good paying job 30 hrs a week. The one that almost got away; young widow (Trish), 42 - kids 18 and 12. She turned heads everywhere. We flirted by the mailboxes. I looked 15. "Does your Mom know you're hitting on old broads.. dream on, jerk off.. that's as close as you get. .. you have all theses young tootsie I see you with." I worked in a pizza shop at school. My building smells like a Pizza Parlor when I make homemade. I have banner on my deck "Billy's Pizza" I get her over for pizza and beer. "I am flattered, but we're not having sex,,, besides, I forgot how." 3rd Pizza was the charm. We're rolling around half naked. "I feel like I owe you, would you settle for a blowjob, pretty sure I can handle that." No no no we're going all the way. "then lets do it right, I want you naked, fuck my brains out." I felt like Eddy Haskell Fucking June Cleaver. We go at it an hour, I pause and go down on her. "never in my wildest dream a guy does that, but wash your mouth out.... later" Before she leave, in front of the mirror, on her knees she gives me a blowjob. We do it 20 more times. We're the gossip of the complex. Old guys who thought they had no chance thought ~if that kid is fucking her, bet I can too~ Her stock goes way and she marries a lawyer.

    • In highschool, I had been seeing a freshman and I was a senior. After a couple months we had sex. The first couple times it wasn't very good but then we had a house to ourselves. We just kept going, I had three orgasms covering her belly and tits each time then going at it again. After about two hours we were both spent.

    • I've posted this confession on here before but here it is again.
      The best sex I ever had was on spring break 14 years ago. I was a freshman and my boyfriend was a junior. His fraternity rented a beach house and we had our own room.
      On the second night, we went to a party a few houses down and my boyfriend was inside drinking whiskey and watching basketball.
      I got invited out back to smoke pot with a group. This one guy kept flirting with me and I thought he was hot! We shared two joints and I was buzzed. He sat me on his lap and we started kissing and I felt his hand enter my bikini bottoms and he was fingering me. It felt so good. He pulled his shorts down and I straddled him and we began having sex. People started gathering so he bent me over the table and started pounding me hard and deep. OMG It felt so good!
      My boyfriend came out and started screaming at us to stop. The guy didn't know he was my boyfriend and I remember the guy say, "Wait your turn, I'm almost finished then you can take over." LOL The guy finished inside me, gave my butt a pop and told my boyfriend, "your turn." I never seen the guy again.
      Yes, we broke up and the rest of the week was awkward because I had to sleep on the couch. His friends turned into a-holes and would say stuff like 'hey, I'll buy you breakfast for a blow job or do you want to smoke some weed and f**k?'
      The ride back was quite too.
      I felt bad afterward but I can honestly say today, 'that was my best sexual experience.' lol

    • Well I guess you found out what you are on that trip

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