Wanna jack-off to this?

My mother’s pendulous breasts have an areola that is a stretched oval shape about the size of a coffee cup. Dark brown with slightly off center darker nipple 3/8” long. Her areola is not smooth like my sisters but bumpy like many mature women who have breast fed. The nipple also is rather rough textured and appears to be unnaturally extended.
My sister’s breasts very slightly extend from her chest. Smallish and firm with the smoothest areola and nipple. The color of both areola and nipple not at all dark but the most pleasant color of pink. Her nipple is very slight hardly protruding from her breast and with the very end inverted. Inverted like those that have never been suckled by man or child.
My fantasy? I want to introduce the young and the old nipples. Pinching them together. Rolling them together between my fingers. All the while imagining them attached to each other by a 3” gold chain and nipple piercings.

9 days ago

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    • Staring at your mother and sister tits. How gross can you get? There are so much tits on the net and walking around you and you have to sneak around to see moms and your sisters! What a fucking loser you are!

    • He didn’t say anything about staring at them.
      Is English your 2nd language?

    • Well he doesn't have x-ray eye and he has to look at them to see them.

    • It wouldn’t be hard to see them in passing. I had 2 older sisters that woul occasionally be walking to their bedroom from the bathroom with just a bra and panties on. It left little to the imagination and it wasn’t anything I was particularly looking for.

    • Maybe.......it’s fantasy. You know.....make believe?

    • He needs a home training :-)

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