My mother is a total slut

I'm Leo and I was brought up in a rough council estate,my mum steph was a single mum and drank heavily,I got used to seeing different men in our flat every week,I was about 14 at the time,I came home from school and witnessed 5 black guys fucking my mother,I went to my room and closed the door,after what seemed like hours they all left and I started tidying up the place because my drunken mother was out of it! About a week or so later a video started going around and yes you got it,it was my mother and the 5 black men,fucking hell Leo look at your mum taking all that cock in her holes a couple of my mates said! Yeah yeah whatever I said,after school we were hanging around outside our flat bored! Myself,Ben,Tony,Ian and Mikey,my mum comes to the door and asks what we're doing hanging around,nothing to do steph Tony said and by the way nice video!! I kicked him,oh yeah what video is that then? Ben passed his phone to her and pressed play! I could tell mum had already had a few to drink,oh that one! Do you like it then boys!! They giggled amongst themselves,tell you what give me £10 each and you can try!! For fucks sake mum I said they're my mates,they rummaged around in their pockets and somehow scraped together £40! Please boys I said don't! They'd already pushed me out of the way and ran into the flat! Who's first I heard mum say? I looked through the window and saw Tony walk towards her,she pulled his tracky bottoms down and give him a blowjob mmmm not bad for a youngster she said and coaxed the other boys over and started sucking them off too! Looks like you're all ready boys,mum took her clothes off and bent over the couch,cmon then I haven't got all day,my 3 buddies took it in turns fucking my mum! One after another they shot cum over her arse,not bad boys I could hear her tell them, you know the price now,come again whenever you want im always here! I just had to get used to the fact my mother was a hore !!!

10 days ago

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    • Your mum is a scum bag, best thing for you is to get out of there and let her die from STD's.

    • Is that how that skag-a-rag mum of yours kicked the bucket?

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