Married guy but loving cock

I'm Lee,I've been married to my wife for 12 years,never ever thought about guys before until I watched some gay porn,don't know what made me watch but I did! To my surprise my cock had never felt so hard as I watched guys sucking off one another and then getting fucked! I'd never cum so much before either! I was totally surprised! But became addicted,I started looking up sites for men and was shocked to find out that there was a place well known on the gay scene just up the river bank close to my house,I had a few beers on a Friday night,my wife always fell asleep early but this Friday she had a headache to and went to bed around 9,I logged onto the site and began talking to a guy,he asked if I could meet him now,fuck it I took a chance and sneaked out of the front door and walked up the riverbank,it was more or less pitch black,I could make out a man standing under a bridge,I introduced myself as the guy he'd been messaging! So you want to suck some cock then do you buddy he says! Well try this for size,he took his cock out and started tossing himself off,don't be shy pal get on your knees he told me,Jesus Christ I did what I was told and sucked on my first cock,I was a natural,I played with his balls and wanked him off in-between sucking him! Do you swallow mate he said? I nodded!! Here it comes then!! What an amazing sensation! His cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed the lot!! Thanks mate,he put his cock away and walked off!! Fuck what had I just done I thought!! Knowing that I was in a popular area with the boys I got my phone out and put on my profile I was under the bridge on the riverbank if anyone wants their cock sucked!! 10 minutes went by and a guy turns up saying are you sucking tonight? Before I could answer another guy appears asking the same!! Two of us the first guy said? Yeah pal I replied,I dropped to my knees again and had a cock in each hand! Wow!! I was so horny moving from one to the other!! Swallow mate one said? I nodded again and took both of them in my mouth,I had cum leaking from my mouth!! Like the first guy they just zipped up and walked off! I too walked off this time back home quietly!! I can't wait for next Friday

11 days ago


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    • That’s fine, but even better when they stick it up your arse and cum inside you.

    • I can relate.

    • Like they say you can't just suck one cock. Once you start you can't stop. I sucked my first cock when I was 13 years old. I'm 62 now and I never stopped. Been married for 42years. And yes she knows everything. She found out about me back when we were teenagers. She's okay with me playing with guys as long as I don't fuck other women. It Been a great open marriage for us. We both get to have sex with guys.

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