I don’t care what some people think about man sucking mans dick

All men have desires in one way or another. I am a married man I love sucking on a mans hard dick and let him release his load in my mouth and swallow it all down my throat and smile at him when I’m with his load .
My wife even knows that I have sucking on a mans hard duck and swallow his load . Hell she will bring home guys for me to suck off in my mouth. And some times she will bring home 2 or 3 guys for me to suck on .
And she will record me sucking Dick and share with our close friends that also have the same desires as I do . My wife is very understanding and has a very open mind . And when I’m done with them and they leave my wife will have me fuck her and have me Cumm inside her and have me go down between her legs and eat her cream pie that I just gave her . And while I’m eating her cream pie she’s sucking on my dick and make me Cumm into her mouth and she will hold it in her mouth so we can swap my loads of Cumm between our open mouths . My wife really loves it when I go down between her legs and lick my Cumm from her pussy and let my Cumm drip into her mouth . I have the wife that any man could marry. And she has a girlfriend that we will share sometimes. I’m a very lucky husband/ bisexual married man and a bisexual wife . We have the best of both worlds. And we are happily married couple . We hope we can continue on our path of our sexual encounters

13 days ago

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    • Love the feeling of cum hitting the back of my throat before I swallow and move on to the next meat missile.

    • Good for you. Glad to hear that your open marriage works. My wife knew that I was bisexual when we got married. She loves to watch me on my back getting face fucked. I have no gag reflex at all she can see a guy's cock in my throat going in and out. She's not bisexual but she's has learned to enjoy other guys. Open marriage is not for everyone but when it works its the most enjoyable life ever.

    • It’s really nice to know how some people are able to have a open marriage and still have no issues with the marriage. Sometimes we need to have a sexual encounters outside of their marriage to make things more intense in their own beds with our wife’s or husbands . So may you have a real intense sex life .

    • Yep

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