Ass smell during sex

The other day I was fucking my girl anal and pulled my cock out and just let it stand up hard without touching it and I could smell her ass on me, i love to smell her ass during 69 when I’m jiggling her ass on my face and when I’m eating her pussy from the back… but something about after anal when you can smell ass on you’r cock and you make her suck it and make her smell her own ass on me made me cum like no other. I’m addicted to the scent and now I just keep fucking her ass and rubbing the smell from my dick all over our skins during sex and we just get freaky smelling it in the air

14 days ago

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    • Gross

    • This story doesn’t pass the smell test.
      Drew Carey

    • Now that’s funny!
      Norm McDonald

    • Sick fuck to each there own

    • I first started dating my wife 33 years ago.
      She was one of the hottest girls at our school and rumors were she put out and liked anal.
      When we started 'dating' lol I found out her and her family were strict Catholic and she planned to remain a virgin until her wedding night. She was also forbidden from using birth control too.
      That's why she would only do anal. It only took our second date for me to get in her tight ass.
      I fucked that tight ass of hers as many times as I wanted until our wedding night. I never had to buy a condom while we dated either.
      During our dating years, there were numerous times I'd pull my cock out and it either had a brown streak or it was covered brown.
      I can relate to this post when talking about the smell of ass after sex.

    • I stole my friends panties and I love the smell of her pussy and now the smell of her ass. I imagine her thong between her legs all day and her tight ass in cut off jean shorts

    • I totally get where you’re coming from. Just last night while fucking my hot girlfriend from behind the smell of her asshole is what put me over the edge. I filled her pussy up with so much cum it was drooling out onto her legs. There’s nothing like asshole aroma . I love sniffing and eating her ass, it always makes my dick rock hard. When I jerkoff sometimes I use her dirty panties and and I love her skid marks right under my nose while I beat it .

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