Horny husband hits wide in wrong hole

Last night my wife and I started to try something different in bed . So last night after a few drinks we got naked and taken a nice hot shower and started playing with each other’s body’s to get warmed up . So after we got out of the shower we started to dry each other off as I was drying her off I went down behind her and started to dry off her lower back just above her ass and that’s when she leaned forward and spread her ass wide open for me . Of course we wanted to try something new . So I started to lick her asshole to the point that I started to put my tongue inside of her asshole . She started to moan like she’s never done before. I was really enjoying myself eating her ass . Not even a few minutes and she was already having her first Orgasm . That was really intense knowing that me eating her ass made her have a Orgasm . Before I knew she grabbed me by me dick and pulled me over to our bed and she bent over the side of the bed and made me lick her asshole some more before I start fucking her from behind and started to fuck her pussy and started to pick up more speed and pulled out to far and I pushed my dick inside of her ass instead of me going back into her pussy . When I hit the wrong hole she moaned out loud and squirted all over herself and me and the bed , she made me swap from her ass to her pussy . That night she had so many Orgasm back to back . By time she was done with me my balls where completely empty if all of my Cumm and she was full of my Cumm. This night was so amazing that she ordered a strap on dildo for me to use on her to spice up our sex life . Now she’s making me eat her pussy and asshole almost every night but I’ll do anything for her and to her to make her really happy . And now she’s gives me such a amazing blow job and now she’ll even suck on my balls and let me Cumm in her face and inside her mouth. Our sex life is so much better and really intense.

14 days ago

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