Dirty panties fetish

Yesterday was my step daughters birthday . There was about 30 people in a side area behind our house . Every body was drinking a feeling really good from all of the bbq I made you name it I cooked it . Towards the end of the night I noticed that my step daughter had a few to many drinks . So my and I helped her upstairs into her bedroom and layed her down on her bed and covered her up . After a little while my wife asked me to check on my step daughter to make sure she is ok. So I did and when I opened up the door so was naked and laying on top of the bed sheets . I found her bra and dirty panties on the floor next to her bed . So I picked up her dirty panties and put them over my nose and started shifting her panties. Before I was able to do anything she busted me sniffing her panties. She told me that I have 2 choices I can go down on her and lick her pussy or tell her mom what I was doing with my panties . So I went with her first choice. Because I’ve been waiting to go down between her legs and sniff and tease her bony pot now that she’s 20 years old and my wife is 38 and I’m 40 years old
. And we have been married for 3 years now . My wife and her daughter looks like they can be sisters that’s how much they look alike so I went down between her legs and licking her sweet pussy tan I started to insert 2 fingers into her wet pussy she was very tight down there. She started moaning and grinding herself against my face until she started having a Orgasm with me between her legs and started to squirt all over my face . So at this point I am hard as a rock so I grabbed her legs and turned her body towards the side of the bed so I can get between her legs and stick my cock inside of her wet dripping pussy . So after I was all the way inside of her she started playing with herself so I grabbed both of her nice tits and started to play with her nipples that made her more into me fucking her so she wrapped her legs around me and pulled herself up towards me and hugged me and we started kissing each other . Just like her mom and I kiss . After I was almost ready to Cumm I pulled out of her and told her to get down on my knees so I can fuck her nice size c cup tilts very firm alms full . So she got down in front of me and I started fucking her tits while she held them together for of course she spit between her tits for some lube . The way she was on her knees laying back on the edge of the bed in just the right angle for me to fuck her tuts and reach her mouth with the head of my dick just enough that’s she’s able to lick the head of my dick every time I go upwards into her tits . After a few minutes she told me to Cumm in her mouth and on her face and don’t hold back anything from her and if I want to I can smack her in her face with my dick and rub my Cumm on her face . She’s just like her mom her moms makes me do the same thing to her . Like mother like daughter. After I was done shooting my load into her mouth and on her face she put my dick into her mouth and started sucking on my dick until I shoot a second load off in her mouth she’s so unbelievably that she was able to make me Cumm a second time so fast. Not even her mom was able to do that to me . I guess that I was thinking about having her and her mom at the same time. I think that I am hooked on the 2 of them. I only hope that I can continue having sex with the both of them 1 at a time and if I am really lucky I’ll be able to have both of them at the same time. And if I’m really really lucky I’ll have the both of them having sex with me and them having sexual contact with each other . I would really enjoy that so much I will be shooting buckets of Cumm all over them .

14 days ago

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    • Full of SHIT

    • I agree. You are definitely full of SHIT.

    • On July 20, 2017, Steven and Katie married in Parkton, Maryland (photo below). Both had lied on paper about their biological relationship, stating that they were both unrelated. Katie's adoptive parents, Tony and Kelly Fusco, didn't agree with their marriage, but decided to support their daughter Katie's decision anyway. The couple ended up moving to Knightdale, North Carolina in November and had a baby named Bennett on September 1, 2017.
Alyssa, upset with Steven after she found out about his new baby with their biological daughter, reported the incest couple to authorities in January 2018. The couple was later investigated by authorities, charged, ordered by a judge to stay away from each other, and granted Steven's mother full custody of baby Bennett.

Shortly after the incest charge, Katie moved back to Dover, about 80 miles away in upstate New York to stay with her adoptive family, The Fuscos.
Steven, filled with rage, murdered the couple's baby, Bennett, while at home and proceed to drive to Dover, New York to find Katie. Steven managed to locate Katie with her adopted dad Tony and proceeded to secretly follow them as they were on their way to Waterbury, Connecticut. During the drive, Steven managed to get out of his car and fatally shoot both Katie and Tony.

Struck with grief after the shootings, Steven called his mother to confess about everything that had happened. Steven's mother immediately called the authorities to report the murders (9-11 phone call below) which lead to authorities later finding baby Bennett in the couple's home in Knightville.

Steven was later found dead in Dover with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    • Now that’s really messed up. Me I would never go that far and murder my own baby much less all of the other people he killed for a reason at all .
      Why didn’t he put the gun to his head and pull the trigger and take his own life instead of that little child.
      For what he did his soul is going to burn in hell.

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