Is it difficult for you to cum when.....?

I can hardly cum when receiving a dick suck. It helps if she periodically mumbles “I love your dick” or “I love you” with my cock still firmly in her mouth.
Also when I get close I need to touch her pucker hole and sniff my finger.
What trips your trigger?

13 days ago

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    • I like it when says “Stop you sonofabitch stop!” or “Don’t cum in me you sonofabitch!” Love being called a sonofabitch when I’m close to unloading.

    • The wife is horrible at blowjobs, I have to think about her sister for me to cum

    • Warning!!! 2 Twat comments below this comment…

    • 3 including yours.

    • Yes!!! I totally get sniffing your finger after you fingered, touched, rubbed her asshole. I thumb fucked my girl’s stinkhole a few days ago and that sent my cum flying all over her asscheeks

    • I love to think about her ex’s cumming in her while I’m fucking her, imagining I’m fucking his creampie!

      Another scenario I’ve been turned on by recently, I’m 41 my girlfriend is 32 blond with blue eyes, she told me a couple of months back, up the pub there was this 25yo guy trying to chat her up, I trust her so not worried. Anyway I’ve found I'm fantasising about her sucking him off and taking his dick in the pub toilets. Also this one really gets me, I’d love to see her sucking his dick right before she gets in my face and kisses me passionately while he goes behind her and fucks her, so we’re face to face kissing and looking into her eyes as she’s taking his dick!! I wanna hear him grunt and groan while thrusting deep as he pumps her full of cum, right before it’s my turn!

    • Feet and toes in my face always pushes me over the edge!

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