Overheard sex chat

Our daughter Sally has recently turned 18,obviously we've succumbed to the fact that she's having sex but nothing could prepare me for what I heard,she was in her bedroom and called down to her mother to come up,strange I thought,I don't know what prompted me but I went upstairs a minute or two behind,mum she said have you ever had a threesome Sally asked? Ummm that's a bit out there love! It's just that I've been seeing this guy and he's asked me if I'd be up for him and his friend! That depends on you hun and if you want to,we've watched porn together and when a scene comes on involving 2 guys with a girl he says that's what I want to do with you! So what is in the scene Sally? The two men at the same time mum! Oh I see she said,I've never tried it in my bum before mum have you? Holy fuck! My cock was bulging,yes I remember my first time,I thought she was going to bring up me! I was around your age to my boyfriend was pressuring me to try it,there wasn't the advice back then like today,what I'll say is use plenty of lube,I didn't! It hurts at first but you've got to relax,once you've done it a few times it feels amazing,as for 2 men together,I've used a dildo with your father but not 2 actual guys,I was wanking on the stairs! My wife is telling our daughter that I fuck her ass!! And that she's about to get dp'ed!! When she came back downstairs I asked what she wanted? Oh nothing hun just to iron her top! I wonder what night our daughter is going to get dp'ed!!!

17 days ago

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