My wife and her dildo

It was another hot night in miami so i always sleep but naked. Yesterday day I had a few to many drinks and went bed early face down ass up . And my wife had to work late yesterday evening but when she got home she found my naked with no bed sheets covering my body . So she decided to take advantage of me she stripped off her work clothes and put on her strap on dildo and climbed on to my back and started kissing my neck and rubbing my back working her way down to my ass and that’s when I felt her spread my ass cheeks open and fill her finger going inside of my asshole . As she got 2 of her fingers inside of my ass it started to fell really good and I was getting a hard on . That’s when she learned forward and whispered into my ear how she has something for me . And before I knew it she had her legs between my legs and started to mount my ass and started to push her dildo inside of my ass very slow but steady and when she had almost half of inside of me she pushed the whole thing all the way inside of me it hurt a little bit at first but after a minute or so I started moaning with pleasure from her fucking my ass the way that she was . She’s never done that to me before. Because I’ve always been the one with the strap on fucking her in both of her holes at the same time.
But with her on top of me giving me a good ass pounding after a few minutes she stop all the way inside of me at leaned forward towards me ear and started to grind away on my ass it was felling so good and really intense and how she was asking me if I am enjoying her fucking my ass like I’m her little whore . I just told her to keep going and fuck my ass as hard and deep inside as you want to . I will really enjoy all of the pain that you can inflicted on me. And I’ve always wanted to fuck my ass with your dildo after all of the times I’ve fucked you with the same dildo . In fact let me roll over onto my back so we can look each other in the eyes so you can see the intense pleasures that you are giving me and you can watch me Cumm all over myself from you fucking my ass . I’d love for you to make me Cumm all over myself and maybe you will lick up my Cumm off my body and swap my Cumm between our mouths I’d really enjoy it if you do that for me . You’ve never really given given a chance to taste my own Cumm from your Cumm filled pussy so now give me the chance to taste my Cumm from your mouth into my mouth so please give me the chance of getting you to swap my Cumm from your mouth into my mouth. So she did what I asked her to do for me but she also wanted me to fuck her in the ass with my dick and her dildo at the same time . I really just wanted to be able to Cumm inside her pussy and lick all of my Cumm from her Cumm filled pussy so I can taste our 3?juices mixed together as combined flavor to really enjoy it running out of her pussy into my waiting mount . That’s what really gets me going when I’m pounding her ass for the second round of sex . She is a real hell cat in bed it’s really hard to keep her in control. It’s really amazing the things that she’s willing to do when she being fucked in her ass . She’s even more crazy fun when she’s riding my dick in her ass . While she’s riding my dick she will squirt all over me and even get some inside of my open mouth and I’ll swallow every bit that makes it into my mouth . Sometimes times just as she’s about to squirt she will get off of my dick and drop down her pussy onto my face and squirt right inside of my open mouth just waiting for her to keep squirting into my mouth the more she squirts the more I swallow. That’s why I love her so much because she’s able to give me things that no other woman has ever given me .

19 days ago


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    • Me and wife been into this for years . We still bring up the first time she popped my rose bud on Valentine's with a strap on she bought. We have upgraded many times to bigger ones even a black one. She pounded my ass more then a 100 times. She teasing me with the tip makes my cock start to ooze. Then gets her finger tips rubs the tip of my cock as I ooze and make me lick off her finger tips. She been talking about a squirting dildo so I bought her one we will see how that goes. Can't wait for it to pump in my ass and drip down my taint to my balls.

    • I love it now that my wife is into fucking my ass. It started when she got a dildo from one of those sex party's that women go to. It wasn't very big and I was able to take it all. Now she has a lot of didlos and strapons that she fucks me with. I get so excited when I see her putting on the strapon. I get to the edge of the bed and hold my legs up for her. She tells me here it comes and I can feel the head of the strapon opening my hole. She works it into my ass slowly. With every inch she says take this dick. Percum dripping from my cock. Once she has all 10 inches in me she starts grinding and fucking me with long strokes. Fucking me until I cum hands free all over myself. Then she says good boy you cum just like a woman. I love feeling like a bitch for her.

    • I feel the same way when my wife bends me over the side of the bed and starts fucking my ass slow at first but after she’s all the way inside of my ass she will to go faster and harder until I Cumm all over myself in front of her and just smiles like She knows that she made me her little bitch in heat . She’ll tell me to take her inside my ass like a man. And she will even make me suck on her strap on dildo until it hits the back of my throat and try to make me gag ! But I’ve always been able to suck a big fat cock all the way down my throat and won’t make me gag no matter how much they try I still won’t gag at all I have full control of my gag reflex. I’ve had guys hold their cocks to the back of my throat and they still not make me gag no matter how much they try but it won’t at all . That’s why any mans dick I suck they all cumm back to me for a second chance to try to make me gag even forced me to swallow their loads of Cumm with their dick still at the back of my throat. Try all you want it’s not going to work on me .

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