Day after sex

Got to admit love the way my wife pussy smells next morning after sex . Love licking it .

17 days ago


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    • My wife smells pretty bad in the morning when I lick her. The smell of her cunt excites me.

    • My wifes pussy smell so nasty. It smells like leftover cum and piss. I know you wouldn't go down on her.

    • Thank you for telling us this. I am an avid admirer of this fetish. And I am addicted to it.

    • Back in the early 70s, I wasn't the first guy to fuck my wife but I was the first to lick her to orgasm. She says that is why she stopped dating other guys after having been fucked by nearly twenty. She planned on fucking more guys during college but stayed with me. We still have sex nearly twice a week and at least once a week I lick her until she comes before I fuck her.

    • I've been licking pussy for over 50 years. Stunned a few young ladies in the 60's "what the fuck are you doing -- but don't stop." Then she scolded later -you have no self respect to be doing that. Oral wasn't big in the 60's. My senior gym class of 40 guys, 1 guy polled the group -- only him and I wend down. Most of the guys went yuk. My girlfriend was a ringer, her ex was 22 and divorced. She rocked my world when she gave me a blowjob, taught me the joys of oral -- the finer points. By 1970 ever girl was giving blowjobs. Some to not get knocked up, keep boyfriends, but most college girls liked doing it -- a badge of courage.
      73 now -- my younger wife gave me 2 blowjobs this week, yesterday I licked her pussy -- made her cum like 3x -- then snoozed some and fucked her like a payday whore.

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