Man that loves sucking Dick

I really love to suck all sizes of dicks big fat short slim black white hispanic it doesn’t matter to me and long as he is able to last a long time with me sucking on his dick . I treat a mans dick like I am making love to it all he needs to do is just lay back and let me do what I need to give him the pleasures that he desires. I really love to start at his balls and work my way up to the head of his hard dick wrap my lips around the head of his dick and my hand holding his balls lightly squeezing them than I really start sucking on his dick after a few minutes I’ll go all way down on his dick and stay there for as long as I can the feeling of having his dick all the way down to the back of my throat almost makes me want to Cumm right then and there but really don’t want to Cumm yet . Because I really want to have them Cumm before I do .
I’d really to have a group of men with all of their hard dicks in my face and I’d love to try to fit 2 dicks in my mouth at the same time . When it cumms to dicks the bigger the better because I can get more Cumm to swallow.👍😱❤️

20 days ago

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    • What a turn on....

    • I know that

    • Do you want me to suck on your dick ?

    • I prefer to suck on a mans hard dick and make him put his hands on the top of your head and push your head down on his hard Dick and try to make you gag . You might not like it at first but you really enjoy it when he cumm’s inside your mouth and and make sure you swallow his load down your throat. Trust me I know what it feels like but when he shoots his load inside your mouth you will have a very intense feeling through out your hole body .
      Believe me I’ve sucked a lot of dicks over the years and I made every man very happy that he will cum back for seconds.

    • No I’m looking for a dick to suck om a nice fat hard Dick . Just thinking about it makes my mouth WATER .

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