Hearing friends have sex

Last month I spent the night with my friend from school. It had been a while since we last saw each other and it was only the second time I got to sleep over with one of my female friends. I was set up on her couch in the living room. Her house was small with only one bedroom and a loft where the kids slept. After dinner and watching a movie she put the kids to bed and said that she was gonna take a shower and then head to bed. Her boyfriend got up with her and they closed the bathroom door. The shower turned on with the radio she had in there and my mind drifted to them being naked together. I was tempted to watch as her bathroom has vent windows that go into the laundry room but decided against it. After a little bit the shower turned off and they came out in pajamas. My friend gave me a hug goodnight. Holding her she felt and smelled amazing. My friend had told me before she was a double d for boobs and feeling them against me with no bra on was a first. Letting go I quickly hid my erection and she shut off the lights. After a half hour was when it started. Her bedroom and living room share a wall. At first I thought I was just hearing them shuffling around when it became rhythmic. The constant thumping brought back my erection quickly. Pulling down my underwear and grabbing my dick I started to stroke to the thumping. Letting my mind drift off I thought of my friend being nude. She had light blonde hair down to her shoulders and killer blue eyes. We were open with our sexual side of friendship but never this open. Hearing her moan softly the thumping picked up. Imagining my friend onto riding my dick with her boobs swaying back and forth was enough to make me cum right then but I couldn't. I would cum when she did. My dick was soaked and my stroking wasn't fast enough. Getting the tissues ready I hoped that she was close. Finally the thumping went full force. I knew she was getting fucked hard and I heard her cry and moan. Feeling my cum shooting out the only place I wanted it was in my friends pussy. Catching my breath their room went silent as I cleaned up. Rolling over I fell asleep fast. Waking up to my friend sitting on the coffee table next to me she said good morning. Sitting up she asked how I had slept. I said I slept good and she smiled while holding up my used tissues and raising her eyebrow. Blushing she laughed and said I guess we were too loud last night. She punched my arm playful and said we are friends, but not that friendly for to me to clean up your cum. Grabbing the tissues I got up and threw them out. Coming back she hugged me and said she was gonna make breakfast.

20 days ago

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    • Come on incest limp dick guy below, if that story didn’t get you hard then no wonder your trolling people. It certainly got mine rock hard!

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