My father the porn star

My father has recently dropped a bombshell on me and my sister by telling us he'd been approached by someone to appear in porn films,now dad is 68 and no daughter is prepared for that!! Its his life after all we can't stop him! Me and my sister just thought that he'd be with women of his own age! How wrong we were,we managed to get our hands on a film he was in,don't know why we felt we had to watch it but we did! A blonde teenager around 18 id say is sitting on a bed,in walks dad they start talking and begin taking each others clothes off,no wonder he was approached to star in these films,the young girl starts giving him a blowjob my sister and I looked on in amazement,our dad's cock was 10 inches long!! And he's 68 years old and he could perform too,this poor girl could hardly take him,unbeknown to us dad had come home,we were so engrossed in the film that we didn't hear him! Dad emptied his load in this young girls mouth!! Then he stuck his head around the door and said well what do you think about your old man then!!! There was our dad on the TV with his big cock out and standing next to us in real life!! My sister Holly said good for you dad I can see why you were approached!! You liked it then love? It's a bit hard to miss dad,I could see he had a bit of a bulge on just standing there! Holly said have you got a stiffy right now dad? Sorry girls it's these tablets they're giving me im horny all the time! We both laughed!! I've got to keep up with these young girls see! But I tell you the worst ones for it is the ones they call milfs! Women in their 30's and 40's! They've got me in one now where I've got to do the mother and the daughter! The mother is insatiable!! Dad your awful! Yeah I suppose you two are milfs arnt you!!! A real life father and daughter scenario!!! By now dad's cock was at full tilt! See what you've done to me now!! With that he unzipped his fly and flopped his cock out! Omg Holly said,go on you can touch it love!! Holly slowly made a lurch towards his cock,it won't bite mind,it just feels awkward your our dad! Just imagine it's your husbands! Yeah but twice the size Holly laughed,that's it your getting into it now girl,my big sister was wanking our father off! Give your sister a go on it,cmon Carol give it a tug dad said!! It was the biggest dick I'd ever handled,wheres the remote control girls,one of my favourite bits is on this film,he fast forwarded to a scene with him and two girls,watch were I put it now,to our disbelieving eyes this girl was taking dad's huge cock up her asshole and then the other one takes it in her mouth every now and then,enjoyed doing that did you dad Holly said! Two milfs see,I told you they're the dirtiest ones,so when was the last time either of you had sex then asked dad? Huh at least a month Holly replied,I was even longer! God you two must be gagging after seeing your old dad in action! Holly answered first,well if you must know yes I'm a bit horny,are you wet love? Dad!! Take them off I've seen it all before,yeah 40 years ago!! That's what I like on a woman! What Holly said,a natural bush,all the girls in porn are all trimmed neat,don't leave me on my own with my knickers down sis! Get them off,I had my work uniform on which was a skirt and blouse,dad stood there stroking his massive dick watching me taking my skirt off!!! Wow another hairy pussy! Im in heaven! Watch this bit now girls! Dad filled the girls asshole with his spunk,how hot is that!! He was right me and Holly started rubbing our cunts watching,dad couldn't take his eyes off our hairy pussies,if only this was a set id fuck you both rotten but I'll leave that to your husbands you two!

19 days ago


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    • Is he staring with your 65yo mother? who the hell wants to see 68yo having sex or film it? Bull shit

    • There is an entire genre of porn devoted to old men having sex with college age girls. Websites like:,,

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