Can a man pee with a boner?

I accidentally saw through a cracked door a grown man peeing a heavy stream. The head was bigger than my boyfriend’s hard cock. So the man must have been hard. I thought men couldn’t pee while hard. I’m a confused girl.

20 days ago

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    • Or he just had a huge dick. Or - your bf is very small!

    • Agree. He must’ve had an extraordinary dickhead!

    • Oh look it’s the incest troll again below!
      Forgive him as clearly his dick don’t work, as most other people are here wanking!

    • Wtf? Of course you can pee with an erection. It’ll just spray vertically. That’s why most dudes have a method to deal with the urge to pee whilst maintaining a morning wood. Jesus, this is just as bad as guys who think that women pee out of the vagina. Don’t people pay attention in biology and health class?

    • My wife and I have been married for 14 years and I never knew she was infatuated with getting pissed on.
      We live in a one bathroom condo and she was taking a bath. I had to piss so bad I had a semi-boner. I pulled it out to piss and my wife looked at me and asked me to piss on her. I did. She loved it.
      We've done it a few times since.

    • After myself cumming inside my wife's pussy with the Condom I still continued the rhythm of in and out in the doggy style and it resulted in the urge to pee and I just peed into the cum filled Condom. Wife asked what's happening as she felt the hotness of the urine inside her pussy. Before the condom shall break I withdrew. Otherwise while young after stoking and having full erection have peed many times.

    • It internally resists use for urination when erect. This can be overcome if there is ENOUGH bladder pressure to overcome this resistance but makes urination not feel right, and the appendage will not let you aim down without moving your WHOLE body. One side effect is that shortly after urination with an erection, the erection will cease.

      If not FULLY erect, but with a semi, you can pee rather easily. Typically, the semi will also disappear after urination

    • Normally one cannot pee with a hard-on. However, my bf does not leave my cunt after he orgasms and he releases flow of pees a his cock going flaccid. I get another warm orgasm with that...

    • Depends how relaxed you are I’ve found. I can’t pee if I’m proper hard!

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