Well known sex toy party

Hi everyone,I'm Louise,a 43 year old married mother of two,im not allowed to mention the name of the company involved here but all you women will know who I'm on about,I was hosting the event at my house,I made sure hubby was out,there was me,my sister,my mother,my mother in law and my sister in law and Rebecca the rep from the company,Rebecca turned up early to get things organised with me,one by one the girls turned up!! We all had a good drink before the shenanigans began! Right then ladies Rebecca said,who's has a vibrator over years but can honestly say that it's made you orgasm?? The room fell silent! Rebecca made eye contact with my mother,cmon Sandra what about you?? Clearly embarrassed mum said yes but it's never made me orgasm!! We all giggled,ok ladies this particular dildo gives a guarantee that it can within 10 minutes of use!! Are there any takers to demonstrate our rep said?? Knowone moved!! Right girls ill start it off! All ridiculously shy Rebecca stood up from her chair and pulled her jeans down,she was wearing a red thong underneath,she sat back down opening her legs slightly and moved the dildo towards her pussy! Within minutes her body shuddered and she squirted cum everywhere!! We were all amazed! Cmon Sandra give it a try? The rest of us egged my mother on!! Me and sister looked at each other in disbelief as our mother lifted her skirt up and pulled her knickers down,Rebecca commented how hairy her pussy was! That's it Sandra rub it right there! It was a strange moment watching our mum climaxing in a room with my mother in law to say the least!! Susan my mother in law took it upon herself to get behind my mum and say 1 up for the oldies Sandra,they think we were all angels!! Any anal toys Rebecca these girls haven't lived!! Karla my sister nudged me! How about this girls,it Was called the anal intruder!!can I try that my older sister said! Karla!! Mum said!! Rebecca read out that it was best tried from behind!! Sis will do it Karla said!! Off off off was the cheer!! You heard them Karla,Rebecca said,Louise do the honours! Karla unbuttoned her trousers pulled her knickers down,now I hadn't seen my sisters pussy since we were teenagers,she was still hairy,what I said straight in her ass?? No get the lube out,someone said,I squirted the tube on my sisters arse,you ready girl I said? Do it sis go on! I pushed this toy into Karlas arse mmmm I pressed the on button well I can only say I've never heard anyone scream in pleasure like she did,by now this was getting really horny,I looked at Rebecca nodding willingly thinking she would pull my jeans off and do the same to me but I saw the wicked look in her eyes,she passed the anal intruder to Susan my mother in law,do it Susan stick it in your daughter in laws bum!! This was turning into an all out lesbian free for all,with my left hand I undid my jeans,Rebecca pulled them and my knickers to my knees exposing my hairy pussy to! I felt the toy entering my arsehole! I was fucking my sister and my mil was fucking me with the same toy!! OK ladies let's all take a breath!! Said Rebecca,this toy here is the double penetrator!
I've got six of them,now we're all loosened up what do you all say we give them a go? After what had gone on previously there was no way we were going to say no! All hysterically laughing by now,it was only my sister in law and mother in law that didn't have their knickers off,now Angela my sister in law was quite reserved,you could tell she felt uncomfortable until Rebecca said that her pussy was the only shaved one apart from hers was in the room!! There was one final twist,from Rebecca,we all had to go individually fucking ourselves stating who the first one was to fuck our arse's ! I was first up! It was crazy,opposite me was my mother,there I was with a double dildo in my holes saying my boyfriend Dan before I met my husband now first fucked my arse! My sister got fucked while up in London in uni! Susan my mother in law said it was her hubby,the biggest shock was Angela saying she didn't know as she fucked 4 college boys at once not knowing which one had her first!! There was only mum left! Well it was your father girls!! We didn't try it until we were in our 40's! And let me tell you your dad is blessed shall we say!! Sandra you can't leave us hanging on a knife edge!! Any pics said Rebecca? Ladies to finish the evening let's see all the dic pics you've got starting with Sandra!! Mum put he'd glasses on and scrolled through her phone! She passed her phone to Rebecca! Wow she said pretty impressive!! Girls your mother is one lucky girl!! She passed the phone to Karla! She turned the phone to me and we both gasped at the size of our fathers cock!! It was huge!! Mum looked at me and said Louise you must of got some dic pics of Ryan (my husband) of course I did! There you go mum! The only one I had was of me sucking him off!! Mmm and that goes up your bum does it 😂😂 mum said!! Yeah but it's knowhere the size of dad's!! What a strange but horny evening,as women we've never talked about it since but I'm sure given the chance we'd love to do it again

7 months ago

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