Married guy turned by cock

Nowhere to begin here but to say I was a normal married man up until a few months ago where I bumped into an old friend of mine recently,to cut a long story short me and him had a play around with each other as teenagers! I sucked his cock he sucked mine! That was it,we're both 43 now so it was almost 30 years ago,he was as surprised as I was when we met at a pub unexpectedly,after a couple of pints we soon mentioned our cock sucking episode almost 30 years ago! My pal Barry then went on to tell me he was bi sexual,it didn't bother me but listening to his exploits really turned me on!! I couldn't believe I was getting turned on listening to him sucking big dicks and getting fucked by strangers! He could see this! Within the hour I let him blow me off in my van and I've got to say it was the best blow job I've ever had! Its your turn now Barry said! Nervous wasn't the word!! Barry's cock was massive,get on your knees he told me! I was like a kid in a sweet shop!! It came natural to me,I took his length in my mouth with ease,I ran my tongue up and down his shaft like id done it a thousand times before,im gonna cum now Barry said!! Oomff he shot his load down my throat and I swallowed every drop!! Get back home to the wife mate ill be in touch he said!! Going back home to my family I felt guilty but couldn't believe how amazingly turned on I felt by a guys hard cock,a week went by and then my mate texted me asking me if I'd like to meet him and a friend of his at his friends house! Fuck it I thought, I told my wife I was working a 12 hour shift,Barry sent me the address,all day I was feeling horny,the address wasn't far from where I worked,I clocked out at 4:30 I was at the address by 5! In I walked,hello I said? Come upstairs,I recognised my mates voice,I walked into the bedroom only to be greeted by two guys wanking their big cocks!! Mmm I just wanted to suck the pair of them together!! I can't explain what it feels like to have two cocks in your mouth together!! Get your clothes off Barry said to me!! The three of us stood there naked wanking our cocks off!! I wanted to get fucked! I give Barry the nod! Being experienced in the anal department they had plenty of lube!! Bend over you slut I was ordered!! Barry rubbed loads of lube around my arse! Omg! What a fantastic feeling,I winced at first but as I relaxed my arsehole I took Barry's big dick easily,get in his mouth Barry told his mate! I was now being spitroasted and it felt incredible,I was their slave,they took turns fucking my arsehole and mouth! Since then I've become a cock slave,what would my wife think 😂😂

16 days ago

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    • I have had that to me before and it was the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me . To have 2 guys taking turns on my asshole and my mouth . It was so intense and amazing that I didn’t want them to stop from from having me from both ends at the same time. And what made even more amazing how the 2,of them shoot their loads of Cumm inside of my mouth. And what didn’t go into my mouth went all over my face. That made me Cumm so hard and so much like I’ve never done before. I asked them if they wanted to go for a second round because I was ready for more. Of course they are because I gave them a few Viagras when they first got to my place.
      I looked at both of their dicks and they are still rock hard . So I told them that I wanted both of you to fuck my ass at the same time . I wanted to have some double penetration for my first time and I don’t even care if it hurts at all because I’m so fucking horny right now that I’ll take anything in my ass . All I need you to do is fill my ass full of your hard fat dicks and load me full of Cumm until it flows out of my ass and runs down my legs. Yes I’m a married man but there is things that my wife will not understand about me loving to have a man inside of me .

    • This sounds great. Never been with a man but i dream of being gang raped by a bunch of huge cocks and having my holes filled with hot loads

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