Friend dared my wife to make her brother horny

When my wife is drunk she will often share her sex experiences with me while we're in foreplay.
Two years ago while over chatting with her best girl friend (both ladies are 30 yrs old - and attractive) the subject of her friend's brother came up. He's 35 yrs old, tall, well built...and "well hung" her friend shared.
That led to some giggling......and 'day-dreaming' on at least my wife's part.
Later that afternoon he showed up. The talk swung to sexy stuff....including his 'package'. More laughing and flirting....
At some point he complained that in his experience, girls from our state are lousy kissers. "They just can't get men turned on !"
After much egging on by her friend, my wife said, "I bet I can get you hot and bothered with a kiss!"
Her friend dared her - the brother teased saying, "You're cute -but I doubt you can. "
My wife got up and led him into the living room, pushed him against the wall, stood on her tip-toes, put her arms around his neck, pressed her braless T-shirt against him, and began working on him with ther mouth. They kissed for a very long time - with the sister hooting and clapping, "GO girl!"
Both tried to stick their tongues down the other's throats, sucked liquid from each others mouth, gently chewed lips, tongue fought furiously; both now moaning and grunting and grinding against each other. My wife can push her pussy mound forward and really make a got hot, even while slow dancing.
She did that magic with her female mound aginst his package, until his hand went down the back of her cut-offs into her bikini panties - grabbing a nice round piece of her cute little bottom - while the other snaked under her top to fondle her breast. She responded my moving her thigh up and down between his legs....and moaning louder into his mouth. She told me the big finale' was when she blantantly started slowly, deeply "tongue-fucking" his mouth....mimicing a penis fucking a vagina....and then wetly working her tongue nto his ear... while breathing inot it "bet you liked to fuck me!"
When she had him so stiff he was nearly creeping out the top of his Levis - she suddenly let go, pulled her tongue out, turned and started to walk away, laughing and tossing over her shoulder, "So, did this girl get you hot with my kisses?"
He grabbed her hips, spun her around and pulled her down to the carpet.
I asked what was being said at this point. she said he just kept tonguing my neck, ears, mouth while removing my shirt.....and repeatedly whispering in my ear, "you're a big girl - you know what you want." while he was squeezing my ass. He unzipped my short-shorts, I lifted my butt so he could slide them down - then he was all up in my panties like a crazy man. Slid two fingers into me and then stuck them in his mouth. I'm sorry but that made ME crazy!"
("He was super hard - and I was super wet - I need to be fucked sooo bad at that point. I'm sorry - but you weren't there to fuck I let this jerk fuck me and....... give me two orgasms.")
"My girl friend was furious that this x-rated scene was playing out in the middle of her living room floor! , he pulled me up and led me naked into her bathroom. Locked the door, he tried to do 69 with me but there wasn't room, so I bent over the toilet and he slid in me from behind!"
She said he kept reaching under and playing with her nipples, "it was awkward, so I put his hands on my hips so we could get some nice hard rhythm going, and told him to fuck me! He grabbed hold --- and humped into my bottom while I thrust my butt back against him! I reached down under us and grabbed his balls and tried to speed things up so he'd get off me. Then he stuck his thumb in my butt hole and of course that made me cum! Well, he stayed long enough to give me two, and then get his rocks off in a wet mess down my thighs!"
She said we were making so much noise her friend went out and sat on the patio.....
"No condom, huh?"
"No, we were both too turned on to stop - and yeah, he shot it inside of me. We were just too horny! He also pocketed my string bikini panties....the last I saw of them he was smelling them before putting them into his jeans. It was so embarrassing because I know they had to be soaked from all out foreplay!
I had to hide a couple of hickies from you - and I made sure you didn't go down on me that night."
"Thanks, so was he really big?"
"No. nothing special---but then I was so horny after what we had done to each other against the wall - any penis whould have satisfied a girl at that point!"
We never did anything again.....but he did try to get a little handsy one time after he got married. Kept staring at my butt in my short-shorts at a picnic, and I guess remembering things...."

21 days ago

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    • Was this before or after you were married?

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