Wife likes the taste of cum

My wife is a good looking well built redhead,when she was 12 years old her mothers boy friend sexually abused her for about 2 years, he had her to suck his dick, he would cum in her mouth, my wife said even at 12 she enjoyed it. She never stopped sucking dicks, she developed a need to have the taste of cum in her mouth when she was having sex, needless to say that she had been with many men in this small town, I married her, we had an agreement that I would allow her to suck other mens dicks as long as I was in control of it all. She worked at a hardware store and sucked the owners dick one time per week, I was ok with that and I would sometimes find a guy for us to do a threesum with, I loved to see her fucking somebody, we didn't over do it at all but she was always ready for any kind of sex, she does not go out looking for a dick to suck but says she still has trouble saying no to a dick if its the right time and a place private, glad she loves to suck and fuck

23 days ago


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    • Some like it more then others new a local girl love to suck loads down her throat. I know of 8 guys she blew at my local watering hole .Beautiful girl you never thought she like sucking so much cock . Would not let you fuck her but would definitely take your load any given day and let out a burp after she swallowed it.

    • News flash, women like dick. They won’t admit it usually, but they do. Just like men like pussy and tits, and would lick or suck any attractive woman’s body parts of she asked or showed them to us, the women would do the exact same to men. They love dick, it what they do. They’d love to be sucking a new one everyday if they could just like we’d like new pussy everyday if we could. It’s called being human.

    • Met my wife Jill at trendy college town pub. She was a cheerleader at this Div 1 school and a HC Prom Queen. Friendly as heck with my buddy and I-- we're alum at her school. When she finds out I wet to Religion grade school all she wants to talk about is the Bible, Figure what the fuck, given lemons, make lemon aid. Rather be talking Bible with the hottest babe her than not talking to her.
      I see some interaction between my buddy and her, that looks like maybe they're seeing each other. He has a hot fiancee, leave some for me. I corner him, are you going out with her, He says sorta, I taker her parking, she gives me blowjobs. Why don't you take her parking. He's pulled my leg before, he's a prankster. He shows me a wallet size yearbook photo of her. I say nice. then behind it he shows the same pose but she's topless. "I think she hands them out like baseball cards. She's proud of what God bestowed her. Get a 6 pack and take her for a ride." One minute we're drinking Buds by the lake, Bible chat, 2 minutes later naked, she's giving me a blowjob. The first of 10,0000. I take her out. 6 months of bj's. Figure her for BJ Queen virgin. She drives a hot z28, she lets me drive. One night at the pub she leaves with this old guy 40's. I snoop around the parking lot, She had moved to the pond across the road. I peek in and he's got her ass stuck between the bucket seats, and fucking her doggie style. Both naked. It's blessing in disguise. I never tried fucking her. 2 days later I fuck 10x over the weekend. Years later I quiz her on the old guy. He's a rich alum, her sugar-daddy. Bought the z28 for her. Soon after she fixed him up with a Freshman cheerleader. in all 4 cheerleaders had new z28s.

    • Wow l live to see her nude

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