My wife brings home her coworkers for me to have sex with

My wife and I have been married for almost 15 years .
My wife’s desires are for me to have sexual desires with guys and girls all of the time I can. She will bring some of her co worker and her customers home with her to watch me have sex with them while she will be masturbating while I’m sucking on his hard dick or licking another woman’s pussy . What I love the most about my life is when I’m going down on her and eating her pussy as she has a guy fucking her pussy until he dumps his hot load inside of her pussy and make me lick all of his hot load of Cumm from inside of her pussy while she’s sucking on my dick . I love the taste of his and her juices mixed together running out of her pussy into my mouth sometimes my face is completely covered with their hot juices. And after he is done shooting his hot load inside of my wife’s pussy I’ll take him out if her and put his Cumm covered cock into my mouth and suck all of their loads off of his cock and swallow every drop all the way down my throat. And when I Cumm inside my wife’s mouth the 3 of us will swap my load between our open mouths and begin kissing each other licking all of the Cumm from each other’s mouth. And when he is hard again my wife will make me lay down on my back on the edge of the bed so he can pound away on my ass as long and hard as he wants to while he’s going crazy in my ass my wife is on top of my face while she’s sucking on my dick knowing that I will be going to Cumm really fast from him pounding away on my ass . I love it when I’m getting fucked really good and hard with a nice fat cock . And I love it even more when a guy shoots his hot load inside of my wife’s pussy and I get to lick both of them clean of any of their Cumm - my wife loves it when she tells me to get down on my knees and suck on his hard cock until he cumms inside of your mouth and swallow every drop of his Cumm and let him smack me in my face with his hard Cumm covered cock and tell me that I am such a good husband and a better cock taking cock sucker.
But next time she’s going to have a few more guys come over to make me their little gag boi cock sucker . That’s ok I always tell my wife the more cocks the better for me both of us the more cock I get fuck with the better for her because I wind up so horny that I give her more of my cock than she normally gets . She love it after I’m done fucking her pussy and Cumm inside of her and go down between her legs and lick all of my Cumm from her and start kissing her with my Cumm inside of my mouth and swap my load mouth to mouth . I love to eat my own Cumm from her pussy taste great less filling

26 days ago


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    • You wish

    • My wife won't let me be with other women. But she fucks other men and has me lick her pussy clean she's watched me sucking cock and getting ass fucked many times. When we are out with family every thing is normal. But when it comes to sex I am her fagget sissy husband. Over the years I have had a lot of guys fucking my ass. And I have swallowed all the cum I could.

    • That sounds like a lot of fun!
      I really love to swallow a nice hot load of Cumm. I like to hold in my mouth for a few seconds and show him his load inside of my mouth before I swallow it all down my throat

    • That’s good enough for some guys. My wife is really open minded beyond most people wouldn’t understand how open minded she really is . That’s why my wife and I are able to have such intense sex in and out of the bedroom . It would be nice if other people would think the same way

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