Big Pregnant Girls & Big Penis Boys

I’m a big dick, attractive, black guy.
Just sitting in my dorm room, 200 miles away from home, on Tinder trying to both figure out myself and meet new girls. I met a white girl, close in age about 220-250 lbs and honestly- was exactly what I was looking for. Huge butt, huge breasts and it took her no time at all to show persistence after I baited her with pictures of my dick. They always work.

I pulled up first day on spring break. She snuck me into a room right by the front door in nothing but a big tall tee. No bra, no panties. Broad daylight. She lived with “old people, they don’t come in her room” she told me to relax the mood a little. I was more important in 2 minutes than her own grandparents. There was no conversation really but to get comfortable and she turned her music on, speakers loud, and I got the nastiest damn kiss of my life and I was of course curious if her mouth would feel that wet and sensual on my dick. I did what she was doing anxious for me to, and whipped out ten inches of good hard and girthy black man meat.. her eyes lit up and her mouth sucked and slurped and slobbered. It honestly was no flaws, even she stroked it like I was her 10th black boyfriend that month. You could tell babygirl took pride in her dicksucks and I moaned, groaned, came back to back, shrank and grew… I did everything in her mouth that day I possibly could for hours. She watched me cry under pillows, trying to get away, my feet flailed like I was a bitch all while she snatched nut after nut after nut.

I go to school a week later and so much time passes before we spoke again. I had a girlfriend, and then a child in these 2 years. Until one time we fought for weeks, over her seeing her ex boyfriend- while pregnant.

And boom - it dawned on me. Cheat back.

I reached out to her and similar scenario, choas turmoil and heartache. Drug dealer boyfriends gets her pregnant, cheats, goes to prison. I had to vent to her and tell her how much I missed her, send dick pics all over, just baiting her into being a slut for me again.

She tried to turn it down every time I said let’s hangout. She knows her pussy is so good and powerful that honestly for 3-4 months she denied me normalizing the desires. “I won’t tell” “I knew you first” “you deserve to, he’s this and that” “it’s good for the baby.” Just not taking no for an answer, knowing there’s no way this girl will be loyal to him over me. It took me just one morning telling her, the most scandalous scenario - our biggest secret ever can always be the best sensation. How about since I’m *stressed out* and you’re all alone, you just spend the night right, and we can bond again and this time - I can cum inside of your pussy. That made her fall in love all over.

The thought of my seed dripping down her walls was shockingly what she’s been ashamed to ask for, all along. “You’d really do that, cum inside me?” “I wish you would’ve told me sooner! I thought you just wanted head.” She was attracted that I was cheating in revenge and begging her to keep quiet. I got the address, told to come at 11- It was her 8th month, she was huge… bigger than when we first met and I was turned on man. Her tits were huge. Her belly was huge. This girl kinda stole my heart and I just needed to confess this shit. I took a page out her back to return the favor and greeted her with slut kisses as soon as she stepped in my car. I sucked her titties, compliments were thrown, she liked the tints in my car, I’m sure saw the stress on me, and she teased me while driving and entirely showing me with her throat, that she’s the one I should’ve chose to get pregnant.

We got to my house….
My girlfriend calls so I tell her wait in the room.
I fed her just straight, shameless lies ended with a false promise just to fully get even. I even told her I loved her, come by when you get off and I’ll have dinner made.

I walk in my room and big mama is BEGGING
me to end her 8 months on demand.

The type of shit a wife who loves her husband does after days work. So I submitted.. duh

I ended up making out with her booty mainly and licking the inside of her large, loose pussy. It dilated and was gapey so I tongue fucked them both. I had fun with her big ol butt and she had fun with my tongue in her holes.. but

I wanted her pussy. Best feel I’ve ever experience. Very warm. And wetter than I remembered, loosely just letting the Penis please itself without the gripping and running.
I knew my child’s mom had good pregnant pussy but this was like just everything in one.

her first creamy in a while
first of 4 that night alone.

I just can’t tell my girl or we’re over.
I’m lowkey catching feelings for the bitch I had no business putting my seed inside of. I call her babymama, I’m texting her daily tryna link - and no one has any idea about me baiting my overweight ex into still being cock hungry while 8 months pregnant. Even worse, I saw my girl and gave her leftover dick the next day. I came only in her mouth and just wasn’t anywhere near as excited to have, been lucky enough to say, while scared as hell to admit -

1. I love fat girls. I’m addicted.
2. Fat girls love big dick. So are they.
3. Pregnant girls are impulsive and horny.
4. I fucked his gf and caught feelings
5. I nutted in her all night long
6. I did my girl the worst way possible

Having a big dick is such a double edge sword.

26 days ago

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