Craving my cousin's nipples

My cousin Patty and I grew up together and are close to the same age.
We did everything together even bath, as we hit puberty and our bodies started to develop and change, Patty went from skinny to wow!
Her boobs were a good size but her nipples grew really big and long they were as thick, they were at least 2 inches long and round like the girth of a hotdog.
Patty hated the way her nipples looked.
I would do what ever I could to Cheer her up.
One day patty went over to the house, we were hanging out in my bedroom watching TV and out of know where Patty asked me if I wanted to suck her nipples?
I instantly got a hard-on!
Looking at Patty I asked her"are you being for real or you just messing with me?"
Patty started unbuttoning her shirt, and unfastened her bra.
" For real" so you want to suck my nipples and play with my boobs?
I quickly laid down next to Patty, feeling her boobs and playing with her nipples,
Patty was getting aroused and her nipples were getting really hard.
I grabbed her boob with my hand I put my lips on her nipple and started to suck her big nipples.
There amazing and I sucked on them for as long as Patty wanted me to.
I went over to Patty's house the next morning to hang out with her and it was just us,no one else was home.
Patty opened the door and said let's hang out in the living room.
We sat down next to each other I looked at Patty with a big smile, "What are you smiling for?"
I noticed that your not wearing a bra and I can see your nipples are hard.
" Oh really cousin!"
And I guess you're waiting for me to tell you that I want you to suck them?"
Ugh yeah!
Patty laughing as she pulls her shirt off and pulls me on her as my lips kiss her boobs I open my mouth and wrap my lips on her nipple as I slowly sucked her huge hard nipples.
Patty was wanting her nipples sucked everyday and sometimes I would suck them 4-5 times in a day.
I didn't mind at all I was ready to suck her nipples and I was liking it more and more and she was enjoying it as well.
We're both close to 50 now and patty and I still have daily nipple sucking sessions, were both married and our spouses know how close we are and think we're doing something together.
If they only knew that Patty and I have been doing for 40 years and don't have plans to stop what we both enjoy .

28 days ago

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