Wife fucked her sister's boy friend twice one night

Before we were married my wife had a lot of lovers in her 20's....mostly guys much older - often her boss.
We love revisiting her previous sexual adventures - during our sex.
So, one evening while at her younger sister's party - her sister's boy friend offered to help my wife carry things back to my wife's apt. in the complex.
It seems he had been flirting with my wife for 2 years - but my wife just thought it was cute - since he was years younger. Her sister did share - one wine-y evening - that her boyfriend was very well hung.
Anyway, as soon as he got my moderately drunk wife alone in her apt. he maneuvered her up against her kitchen wall - started touching her, kissing her neck and asking her what she found so desirable in all her older boy friends. He told, as he began lifting her short skirt that he could make her forget all about those old guys!
My wife said that everything he was doing felt really good - that he had a very active tongue in her mouth and very active hands inside her bikini panties and under her blouse.
Pinning her against the wall he pulled down her panties, removed her blouse and bra - grabbed her butt cheeks in both hands and easily lifted her as she spread her legs around his waist.
She said he kept up his mantra about "fucking her so good she'd never again be satified with an old guy"- as he pounded into her - while she tried to shut him up with her grunts and her tongue down his throat.
She said it was a real hard, fast, deep fuck - and that they both came loudly and too quickly!
Afterwards she said she was very concerned as they returned to the sister's party - "because we both probably smelled like sex!"
After the part was over - he parked his car down the street, came back, took my wife up to her bed and "we fucked properly!" She remembers her clit in his mouth while he worked her vagina with his thumb.....
Two yrs later, while sitting with my new wife on the couch at another party, he sat on the floor and started touching my wife's calf. I leaned over this punk and whispered in his ear, while pinching the sh_t out of his neck - that I have a couple of old Army buddies that will insure that he walks with a cane the rest of his life if he touches my wife again.
Her sister gave me a funny look from across the room.......

1 month ago

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    • I married a boss fucker too, although it was mostly blowjobs. It started with her work studies job freshman year in college. After exchanging dirty blowjob jokes with her boss, he asked for one. His wife didn't go there. Sure, my pleasure she said. She was already a ringer and liked doing it. "OMG, he has a big freaking zucchini." Her pictures from college, her lips are twice as big. she says from sucking his big fat dick 2x a week for 4 years. She said she only fucked him her senior year after she was with a horny hung FWB many times. He still didn't fit, hurt so good thing -- his wife owes me for taking care of his needs, not like I didn't enjoy it, sew said. First job at a Law Office her lawyer boss flirted with her, After a month of sexual innuendo, he wasn't nearly demanding as the college boss. The suspense was getting to her. So after some gossip about another office girl giving them, she just said don't knock her for sucking some guys dick, girls like her and me like doing that for guys we like -- So if you want them just ask, but don't shame for it.

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