Chicks with dicks

So me and the wife a little kinky. I do let her peg me. Lately I been looking at a lot of shemale and tranny porn. I think it's hot a chicks what dicks. If she confronts me what do I say you made me this way since you pounded my ass.

1 month ago

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    • Chicks with dicks is a mix of the best of both worlds looks like a woman but fucks like a man. I’ve had my share of transgender and of the time they can pass as a sexy woman. When having sex with a transgender can be really intense feeling!
      And even better then the 2 of you rake turns pounding each other’s ass’s balls deep until you Cumm inside their ass . I’ve always loved sucking on a nice fat head cock and make them put their hands on top of my head and force me down on their hard cock and make me swallow every drop of Cumm shot into my mouth there is nothing better than having a nice hard cock cumming inside of my mouth.

    • So moron fucked up this posy

    • All I can say is go with the flow
      Just tell her that your willing to do anything that she wants to make her happy and this way the two of you will both get the pleasures that you both wanted to get

    • Trans are way sexy, I should know, I let one F me! 💋

    • All tranny are different kind of person the way I see it’s the best of both worlds no doubt ! I’ve been with men and Women doth but I prefer a sexy transgender because they know what they want from another person and they have no problems with giving me the pleasure that I want and need
      Most people can’t come out of the closet even though they want to but there is way to many Judge mental people in this world these days. It’s a life choice not a personal choice. This is a free country with the freedom of speech. So feel free to comment on my comment I won’t judge you if I do that makes me a hypocrite . Yes I go both ways I love going down on men and women and transgenders they all peek my interest love sucking Dick eating pussy and taking a hard cock up my ass balls deep even letting a woman fucking in my ass with a long fat strap on dildo ! It’s my choice if you like it great if you don’t like it that’s your choice . ☮️❤️😄ness to all

    • Dam your licky

    • Doesn't mean that you're bi. I love shemales but would never in a million years touch a regular dude. But I would suck and fuck a tranny's head off, swallow their cum, let them fuck me and cum in my ass, cum in their ass, whatever. There's nothing I wouldn't do with a tranny that I wouldn't do with a woman, but if a guy tried anything with me, I'd punch his lights out.

    • Because a tranny is a girl with a dick and not a man with a dick sweetie. Ive been with many girls that were smoking hot and had a little extra on the side

    • Tranny girls are just a man with a nice set of tits and some work done on their faces and body’s but I don’t really care at all . I’ve dated a few transgender in my years and never had a second to ought about going out with them at all . I’ve had guys checking out the transgender I was with and gave me a look on their face was damn she’s sexy as can be and he’s a lucky man to be with her

    • You’re sexy! 💋

    • There’s nothing wrong with having sex with a transgender!
      I’ve been with a few transgenders in my life . In bed with a transgender can be amazing because they know all of the right places to touch on a mans body. And they know all of the right spots to hit who fucking a man in his ass and when to slow down and when to speed t up pounding your ass balls deep and just about when they are going to Cumm have them pull out and let them Cumm inside of your mouth and swallow that hot load down your throat and enjoy every drop of that hot creamy load of Cumm the felling your going to get is so intense that you might just Cumm hands free ! 👍

    • I dated a guy in college that was bi. He talked me into pegging him one night. He claimed I did so well at it, he asked his friend to join us a few weeks later.

    • Did not think I was bi or am bi. We tried something new and I liked it and i can't stop looking at tranny born.

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