A wank in the park

When I was in high school, I went for a walk to the park early in the morning, 5 or 6 am. When I got there, I found a spot that was hidden from view, and proceeded to strip off all my clothes, but left my shoes on.
Since there was nobody in the park this early, I saw the opportunity to take a naked jog through the wooded path along the park, to the other side and back to my clothes.
On my way back, I saw a park maintenance worker in the distance, emptying the garbage cans in the park. She didn't see me at this point.
Before I made it back to my clothes, the park worker walks into view and sees me, and quickly, we both turned around and quickly walked away from each other.
As soon as I got to my clothes, I quickly got dressed and got out of there.
I haven't been back there since.

30 days ago

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    • Sounds close to what the anti-incest warrior does except he trolls naked at elementary school playgrounds.
      He has claimed that he is “…hunting veal” when he does that.

      Remember, there is open season on him and his ilk 24/7/365.

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