Why do cocks looks so good

I’m a straight, married male in my 30s. Love my wife, love everything about the female body. Absolutely love going down on my Wife. But why I why do I find cocks so goddamn arousing!

I’m not attracted to Males at all but a close up of a cock or transgender porn is incredible. I think they all look so enticing and delicious. Doesn’t matter if it’s cut, big, small, black, white, hairy, shaved. I think they are all incredible.

Anyone know why this might be? Or feel similar?

1 month ago

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    • Don't know why it happens. I was around 22 years old when I realized that I loved cock. My wife and I were at a bar. We both were getting pretty drunk. She was dancing with other guys. But this one black guy kept coming back to her and dancing with her. One thing led to another and we ended up going home with him. My wife wanted to fuck him so badly that I let it happen. I was watching her sucking his cock. He was a good 8 inches long and very thick. The whole time I was watching her sucking and fucking him I realized that I was more interested in his cock than anything else. After we had gotten home. I asked my wife if she liked how he fucked her. She said definitely yes. Then all I could talk about was how I thought he had a great cock and how big his balls were. We both soon realized that I was bisexual. And that I liked cock as much as I liked pussy.

    • I love looking at cocks. It’s the main reason I work out. One in town has a community shower. A big room with like 8 shower heads, 4 on each side. No private stalls. I would sneak peaks at the other guys at first and look away if they started to catch on. Now, I don’t care if they see me looking.

    • I love the way a huge stiff cock looks too

    • I'm the same I find it very exciting but I don't like men sexually

    • They are magnificent I agree. The sight of a huge stiff cock standing straight up with big cum filled balls below makes my cock hard and my mouth water. Check out Julio Ricardo on Pornhub. Gotta be one of the greatest cocks ever.

    • Me too! I wouldn't touch a dude, but trannies are the bomb!! I love a shemale cock, and dream about sucking one until she squirts her cum down my throat. Regular dudes...no way.

    • I love trans, very sexy! I should know, I let one F me!

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