I want to suck cock for the first time

I am 30 years old and as time passes I'm more and more curious about kneeling down and sucking a big fat uncut cock until it cums in my mouth. I never even touched another cock in my life besides my own and taking the first step is hard... Any advice?

1 month ago


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    • I sucked my friends dick when I was a teenager,it's been well over 30 years since I had a cock in my mouth up until a few months back,I regularly sneak out and meet guys in quiet places and gag on their big cocks

    • I’ve been sucking Dick for over 25 years yes I’m a man that goes both ways !
      I started w watching gay porn online to see how a mans suck another man cock the hardest thing about sucking on a mans cock is to take your time when you take him into your mouth just slowly go up and down and look into his eyes with a intense look in your eyes to show him how much you enjoy having him in your mouth and after he is hard take one of his hands and put it on the top your head then he will know what you want him to do he’s going to start to push your head down on his hard cock and he will start to pop his hips up and down while he’s in your mouth. Remember that you have a cock also do you know what you like when someone is sucking on your hard cock and your going to know when he’s going to Cumm inside your mouth just as he’s starting to Cumm inside your mouth your going to feel his hot load hit the back of your throat after his loads inside of your mouth just wrap your lips around his cock and try to swallow his hot load of Cumm after you swallow his load take him out of your mouth and start licking his Vick all around his shaft from the tip of his cock all the way down to his balls to let him know that you what to keep sucking on his v C icky as long as he’s going to let you ! Trust me he will keep letting you suck his cock when you swallow his load he’s definitely going to have you swallow his load again he will keep giving you his loads from that day on he might even forward with other sexual encounters !
      I started bi sucking a mans dick at first then over my years of giving blow jobs I moved forward with my sexual encounters go being with gay guys and all the way to having sexual encounters with transgenders people and groups of open minded people who didn’t care about youth sexuality at all !

    • I’ve been sucking the same guy for 10yrs. He isn’t gay or bi he just loves being sucked. I enjoy doing it for him. Who you suck how old were you the first time

    • It's the greatest thing in the world. I sucked my friends dick in highschool and several other friends at uni and a couple co workers and even a few married men. It's addicting.

    • If you do it go all in and eat his ass too and let him blow his load on your face

    • Miss sucking dick but like doing it like the taste of cum fantasizing all the time about doing.well hung married me while his wife watches join in

    • Yes…

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