A lady friend of mine introduced me into rimming, she worked my asshole so much with her tongue. It was fucking mind blowing and made my already hard cock even harder. I almost shot my load when she pushed her tongue up my asshole the first time.
I can't get enough of being rimmed now. I love to rim too, I rimmed her ass in return and licked and sucked her cunt. I bought her and used a vibrator in her wet cunt and found her G Spot with it, we named the vibrator Mr Buzzy. To her surprise and to mine she squirted, it was amazing to see her squirt.
Her ex husband was a fucking wanker and she never enjoyed sex and he never made her cum, what a selfish fuck!!
She sucked my cock like a Dyson and used that tongue up down and all around my cock. Shes 67 and had never cum or ever sucked cock, fuck me she was so keen to make up for the lost years. She said after I made her squirt 6 times she couldn't do it any more. So we stopped, for that night.

She asked me a question about the rimming, my reply was it was fucking amazing. She fingered my ass and said "buy some butt plugs, I want to use them, on you".. I bought a set of 3, different sizes and some lube. I told her they had arrive, she told me to use them tonight, so I did, it was amazing. I told her how it felt the next day and she replied good because I have a gift for you. I asked what it was, she said "I'll send you a photo".

Shes bought a strap-on with 3 different cock sizes. 1 sticking out and 2 inwards. 2 for her, pussy and ass, and one for me.
She said "You loved your ass being fingered and rimmed the other night, and your butt plugs, I'm going to fuck your ass"
What could I say apart from ok! So next time I see her my ass is going to be RIMMED, FINGERED, BUTT PLUGGED AND FUCKED. She will squirt like a fountain first though, cos I'm going use that vibrator on her until she can't take any more.

30 days ago


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    • OMG! I enjoy getting rimmed! Have you noticed that's something you can't ask for? My experience is that it's something you can try on someone and they either like it or not but it's also awkward to say "Can you rim me?"
      The first and only person to do that to me was the maintenance guy at a children's center while doing my volunteer hrs student teaching.
      It was 1991 and I had dressed up as Catwoman for a Halloween party and everyone was gone. I have a little OCD and had stayed to re-arrange the room. Bill was the maintenance foreman 41, tall, blue eyes and HOT! He played college football. He was testing the outlets and I kept trying to get his attention. I bent over and FINALLY he squeezed my butt! That quickly let into me giving him oral and us having sex on the children's rug. I remember he finished inside me and a glob fell on the rug. LOL He got me the stuff and I cleaned it up. Things got heated again and he promised to give me oral the next time.
      Since he was married, I told him to come by my apartment after work the next day.
      OMG his tongue skills did not disappoint! That's when he surprised me with rimming! WOW! He even tongue F**ked me! I rewarded him for that!
      I worked at that center until I graduated. For three years, Bill and I hooked up 3 or 4 times a week! The teacher I worked for was shocked because our room got painted, the floors got polished and if anything broke, I could call Bill and he'd fix it instantly. lol
      Since then, I've tried rimming other guys in hopes they would return the favor. None of them like it and my current husband refuses to try and told me never to do it again.

    • We should hook up cos I love tongue on and in my ass and I love rimming a sexy ass and if I can push my tongue into your ass and up your pussy. I bet your pussy and your ass taste so nice, I'd get tongue deep in both of them for you. Sit your ass on my face and enjoy my tongue

    • I would love to meet up and have a session of rimming and more. Where are you from?

    • OMG! I agree! We should hookup. It's been a long time since I've been talked to like that AND I LOVE IT!
      I haven't given or received a good rimming since Bill. I'm 51 now. However, I've kept myself in decent shape.
      I was so young at the time and Bill was older and experienced. Looking back after all my years of marriage, on this anonymous board, I can honestly say the best sex I've ever had in my life was an older married man and his name was Bill. WHEW!

    • I love licking asshole

    • I had a spinner girlfriend in college, Kenna. She on the gymnastic team and barely weighted 100lb. She always kept everything smooth down there. One time I was going down on her and noticed how cute her tiny butthole looked. I took a chance and licked around it. She was accepting and I did more. Needless to say that got added to our routine.
      It ended when she took a job in Greece.
      I tried rimming the woman I eventually married. She DOES NOT LIKE IT!
      After reading that post. OMG I MISS KENNA!

    • I just recently thumb fucked my girlfriend in the ass and she loved it. As soon as my thumb went in it made me cum all over her ass cheeks . Looking forward to more ass play, hopefully my asshole gets lots of attention. I want to be rimmed fingered and fucked

    • She bought the Strap-on and has showed me some photos of her wearing it, with "YOU ARE GETTING FUCKED IN YOUR ASS WITH THIS" Shes bought it and it has 3 attachable cocks.
      1 for her cunt...
      1 for her asshole....
      1 to put up my asshole, she wrote "Im going fuck you in the ass and make you my bitch"
      I said ok , and yes please.

      So when Im back up Dudley i am going to become her bitch. Im in for a good few nights of cock, cunt and ass fun. She cant wait to suck, finger and rim me as she loved it. She also said she is looking forward to watching her strap-on go in and out of my ass as she fucks me. I will let everyone know what its like to be a womans bitch and how being fucked feels

    • Older women, dont give you any bullshit. You can both experiment in regards to fucking. Theyre happy to try antthing new, like I am now im 55 early next month and NEVER having my asshole licked fingered, NEVER had any butt plugs and NEVER been fucked in it.

    • Write more. She sounds amazing. My wife is 60 and recently started to really enjoy sucking cock. Older women are the best

    • Mmmmmm love using plugs too, this makes me hard!!!!! So sexy!!!!

    • I'm 55 in January and finding out what its like to have my ass touched by someone else for sexual pleasure,
      I'm teasing my ass right now with the middle sized butt plug as I'm typing this, in and out just to the widest part of the plug so it comes out again. Its like being fucked with just the tip of a cock

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