Pretend Rape

My older brother and I was watching a simulated rape porn video. I'm the one who stuck the the dvd into the player. I figured I could convince him to do me like what we saw on the dvd. I'm a fat young girl that's going thru a horny period. I wanted sex badly. I gave naughty hints to my step dad but no luck. My brother was surprised that I barged in his room and stuck that nasty filthy porn in his player. I flopped on the bed next to him. I noticed he was touching himself as we watched the porn. I boldly told him I have a rape fetish and wanted forced sex from someone. I exposed my kitty and little breasts to him to get some reaction. "This is all wrong! " he shouted out. " Let's just pretend, please! " I said to him. Then I finally convinced him to pull my clothes off and tie my arms to the bed posts as I screamed "Stop!" I suggested to him to finger me and squeeze my little tits. " Don't ask me to blow you." hoping he shove his cock in my face. Turns out he had an endowment that some females like and I was one of them. He straddled my fat belly and told me to suck it. I gladly did but pretended it was to big for my mouth. He slid down on me and guided his cock in my vagina. "It's too big for my kitty bro!"
Making him think his cock was really big,turned him on. He started humping me good and hard. "You're going to make me pregnant!" He started to pull out of me, but I began to beg him to give me his cream pie. "I never had a cream pie and I want to know how much filling you have!" He gave me his load and untied my arms. "Got satisfied?" he said as he wiped his dick off. I pushed him down on the bed and began yanking his dick and sucking on his balls. "Don't think of me as your sister, but a slut that lives with you.

1 month ago

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    • He is so lucky

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