Fake Boob Old Granny

Our fetish. She loves for me to cum on her. I love holding and playing with her big fake tits. She looks so hot being old with fake tits.
I met her at a senior social meeting. I felt out of place being there because I seemed to a bit young for the ladies. I was just about to leave when this old gal asked me to dance. Her boobs looked great on her wrinkled body so I told her I would. She introduced herself as Lorie. As we slowed danced she smelt so good and I stiffened up. I think she knew because she sort of grind into me. I told her I was just about to leave because I felt I was a bit too young for the ladies. " Not for me babe. I like younger. " She followed me to my car and asked to converse in my car before I leave. While walking to my car I didn't know she unbuttoned her top revealing cleavage. Once I saw her bulging breasts I opened the passenger door and she slid in. She knew I that I eyed her and said to me in the car, "They're fake! " as she pushed them up for me.
"That stiffness I felt while dancing wasn't fake, was it. " she said and laughed while sitting in the car. " I never met a woman with fake boobs and you look look so hot at your age! " She placed my hand on her chest to get a feel of them and unzipped me to feel my dick. "Nice one! " she smiled. "Let's go somewhere private." I took her to my place.
We went straight into the bedroom and stripped down. I reached over to grab and feel her fake boobs and she massaged my dick and balls.My nuts was hard and ached. I flung her on the bed and rubbed those tits with my dick and she wrapped them around my hardness. As my dick was between her breasts she lowered her head and began sucking my dick. "Enjoying all this? " and smiled. " Never expected to please an old gal like me. She was wet and pushed me down a bit and told me to put my rod in her, but not to cum in her, but blast her tits and open mouth face with my load.
We see each other when we're horny. She masturbates me and begs me to cum all over her. Now and then she licks off my cum that I shot on those big round boobs. Lorie is a hell of a old sex starved slut.

1 month ago

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