Who knew my buddies new wife was a slut.

My wife Lynn and I got married at eighteen and within only a few months we'd gotten into swinging. We'd started out with threesomes with a couple of my friends, but had also had some experiences swapping with a few couples we met through a swinger magazine and had even had a couple of experiences in adult theaters where Lynn got gang banged while I got my cock sucked as I was watching. With us living in a small christian town and Lynn's dad being the local preacher we had to have most of our fun out of town. Except for the times we had threesomes with friends.

It was around that time a friend of mine got married to a kind of hot girl named Sara. The only problem we'd known her all our lives and she had a reputation of being a real goody goody. I knew a couple of guys who'd dated her and she'd barely let them kiss her good night. So when we got together with them Lynn made sure to dress conservatively and we'd plan on watching a movie or something ( G-rated of course ). They'd been over several times and we'd got to be more comfortable around her. But still tried to not do anything that might offend her.

We'd decided to play Monopoly, Mike knew where we kept our games and when he went to get it Sara had followed him. As soon as he opened the door I remembered we had a couple of adult games in there too, and as luck would have it they were on the top of the stack of games. I was afraid Sara would see them and be offended. She did see them but her reaction surprised us. She'd taken the one on top out and brought it over to the table and said whats this? It was a game called bumps & grinds. You would roll the dice and go around the board like in Monopoly except instead of landing on property & paying fines or buying property it told you to drink a drink of liquor or take off an a piece of clothing. There were also places that had you draw a card. They referred to guys as tomcats & girls as pussycats.

The cards might tell the girl to sit in the guy to her rights lap or kiss the guy on her left. And similar things on the guys cards. Only I'd had a friend at a printing company to print up new cards that had things like fondle the girl to your lefts breasts or rub the guy on your lefts crotch. And they all had times to do these things from 2 to 5 minutes. And of course it had cards telling people to drink a drink. But the cards I had made had the girls drinking more & stripping a piece of clothing more often. As well as things like kiss your favorite Pussycat on the lips for 3 minutes. And it was on a card only a girl could pick and it had a couple that said help your favorite Pussycat remove an article of clothing.

So it made sure there was some action between the girls. But the best cards were ones that said have the Pussycat to your right do whatever you want for 4 minutes and the same on a girls card for the guy to her right do whatever she wanted. So it was rigged. You knew to sit to the left of the girl you wanted to be doing stuff with.

We were surprised that Sara was so curious about it because on the box was a picture of a nearly naked girl and it said adult fun. But even after opening it and reading the instructions and seeing it was a drinking game and you'd likely be removing your clothes she was still interested. So when she asked Lynn if she'd be ok if we played that we were shocked. We found out later she'd been most surprised to see a game like that in our house because with Lynn being the preachers daughter she assumed she'd be very straight laced. So we started playing and I gotten out a bottle of Tequila to take our shots from. But Lynn, Mike and I figured at some point pretty soon Sara would want to quit.

But she seemed to be really excited as we played. When she lost her shoes we figured it was no big deal as she took them off. But when she had to take her top of we figured that would be to much for her. But she stood up and kind of did a little sexy dance as she took off her top, and she looked like she was really having fun. And she hadn't drank that much yet. She had to sit in my lap once and put her arms around me with her tits pressed against me, though still in a bra. It didn't take long before the girls were naked and Sara was hotter than I'd ever have imagined. At one point she got the card where she was going to have to kiss Lynn and she really planted one on her and as they kissed for 5 min they moved their hands over each others bodies. And when they stopped Sara was kind of flushed and looked Lynn in the eyes and said wow that was hot.

The girls didn't have any more clothes to take off so they had to take more drinks. We'd gone through most of the cards so I'd felt up Sara and Mike had felt up Lynn, they'd sat in our laps and Sara had rubbed my cock. When I drew the card saying that the Pussycat to my right had to do whatever I wanted for 4 minutes I knew what I wanted to say but was trying to think of something not to scare her off when she leaned over and told me to ask whatever I really wanted to do to her, then said well what you want me to do. Then said like if you want me to suck your dick. I quickly said well that would be nice. She got a big smile and said baby it'll be much better than nice. She had me stand up so Mike & Lynn could see her sucking my cock. And she was much better than I'd imagined. And was having no problem taking most of my thick 9" cock.

It was hard but I managed not to cum, though I sure was imagining shooting a hot load down her throat. And having my wife and her husband watching her go down on me was making it even hotter. I wanted to do so much more to her. When she finally asked how long it had been I said only 2 min and she looked at the clock and it had been about 8 min. Fortunately she stopped and sucked my balls & stuff a couple of times. After that I asked if they wanted to keep playing or since we were already naked just jump in a pile? Sara was the first to say it sounded good to her. Soon we were in the bedroom and I was sucking on Sara's tits and Mike was eating Lynn's pussy. I looked and Lynn was fondling one of Sara's tits as Sara was doing the same to Lynn. Before long the girls got to where they couldn't hold back & started making out while Mike and I watched. They sucked each others tits & ate each others pussy.

Then as Lynn ate Sara's pussy Mike fucked Lynn and Sara was sucking me off again. When I was ready to cum I pulled my cock out & started stroking it and shot off all over her tits. Mike saw that and really liked it and soon he was doing the same to Lynn, coating her tits in cum. I was surprised when Mike took one of his wife's cum coated tits in his mouth and was licking & sucking it. But the girls kind of pushed him to the side wanting to lick each other clean. And Sara told him to go ahead and do what he'd been saying he wanted to try. And said all he can do is say no. About then I feel him cupping my balls as he leans over and takes my cock in his mouth and starts sucking it. It hadn't been long before then Lynn had talked me into letting guys suck my cock sometimes as she'd kind of fantasized about for a while.

But I was surprised because Sara seemed turned on by it too. Apparently Lynn liked seeing me get sucked off by guys and Sara liked watching her husband suck cock. And they loved it when I shot a load down his throat. We ended up hooking up with them several times and they even went out of town with us a few times and both of the girls exposed themselves to guys. The best was when they exposed themselves to room service or pizza delivery guys answering the door naked and while the guy was putting the food on the table and they were getting his money they'd pat each other on the ass & stuff. And ended up once seducing a pizza guy and they both sucked him off.

So it turned out my wife wasn't the only GOOD GIRL from our little christian town who played the part around town but behind closed doors was a really hot Slut Wife.


1 month ago

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    • You never would’ve thought my buddy’s wife Angie was a slut. Angie was this Christian girl who always attended church every Sunday, also helped out with volunteering at the church, bible study, even a grief counselor. And was always properly dressed, never anything provocative. She worked part time with the mentally ill. Well this all started during Monday night football, my buddy would always host, and the game was boring to me, Angie cooked, and was in the kitchen cleaning up, so I decided to help her, she was very thankful. She blew me in the kitchen. From then on we were sexting, meeting up in the church parking lot, grocery store, then to the parking lot, my house. Every Monday night we fucked in a different room of her house. This continued on for years, if I told her I had a bad day we would meet up somewhere and we’d fuck or she’d blow me. And here’s the kicker, I thought she was only like this with me, but it turns out it was most of the town. I started asking around and everyone I’ve spoken too has had her. Every time I’ve been with her, she was clean, never tasted nasty, smelled great.

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