Gay sex

I'm not sure why but 12 years ago I got married. I turned around and new from the age of five dad I like boys and guys. As I got older around 11 I tried my first boy I loved it all we did was kiss and suck and swallow. I always wanted to try my penis in a guy's butt but didn't know if it was safe enough. I found a guy after a little while later as I got older to play with a few times he loved it I loved it we both were attracted to each other but the bad part age of five I got into wearing women shoes he did not like that so he broke it off with me. I found another guy who is cool with it and would let me wear them Point sex cuz he said it made me super hard I asked him nicely what size he want he told me I were anywhere from a 6 7 7 + 1/2 in men's so I told him you would wear anywhere from a 7 7 + 1/2 or a 8 in women's he said cool so we could just go out shopping for shoes and I said yes he said let's go so we did one day it was a big turn-on for him because women were looking at him and asking him why you are doing it and he told him it's a turn-on I love it what do you think some girl said yes it's sexy to see a guy and girl shoes. The one lady we talked to at the shoe store was into guys wearing women shoes she would always make the other gender where the other gender shoes or try to get them to where and when she seen us coming she comes up to us and said guys are you guys looking for today could I help you I said sure she said what kind of shoes you guys are looking for I said tennis shoes boot whatever she says cool I got some nice ones to show you compile me she took us over to the women section and my body look better kind of on the weird side and said you know you're taking us to the women section he said yes I know you might like try on see what they look like I so we did she had several different prayers on us and said you guys look fabulous in them I will give you my discount if you guys buy some women shoes so we do later on that night he asked me nicely do you want to have gay sex again and see where it goes I said sure So we put a pair of our new heels on walked around the house enjoying our healer after a little while we were both hard we both decided to start taking each others clothes off once we got the underwear off it was hard to resist I could not wait I wanted to try it so bad so I asked him would you be willing to let me Lube you up she said why the put your penis inside me I said yes he said I'm not sure if I'm ready for that I said I'll take it slow he's like okay so I looked them up I slowly put my head in of my penis he moaned a a little said that feels great try and push a little bit more in and we'll see what happens so I did a mom and a little louder kept looking at me and said I like it keep going so I did a little by little in and out and he liked before I knew it I didn't even know I had my whole penis inside he was Dripping so much come out of his dick it was fabulous he asked me nicely could I try it with you I said I'm not sure if I'm ready we could see so he loaded me up just always slept the head of his penis and I got so wet I come in right away he said holy smokes you were ready to come he asked would you be able to come a second time I said I'm not sure why he goes I'd like to suck you off I said let's play with each other for a little bit can rejuvenate he said sure So we did a little bit later why we were still playing he took my heels off decided to put my new tennis shoes on me and I did the same to him wow we both got super hard again he said I think you're ready so we both started sucking each other at the same time I'm not sure why I enjoy it so much and he did but we became partners for a long time and we came into in each other's mouths so many times that we love it when we got old enough and a new job he had to move he used to come back once in a while to have sex with me but it wasn't the same we used to have it at least 5 to 6 days a week and at least twice a day it was so much fun but now that we don't play anymore it is hard to find new partners please help me find somebody and comment on this where I can find somebody in the Greater Cleveland area in Ohio it would be much more fun

1 month ago

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