Someones slut wife

So I live far from where I work and it made no sense driving home and returning for the Christmas party so I decided to pack clothing and showered at work waiting for it to start.

Simple enough plan and the rest of the guys left to get ready so I headed into the showers. What I didn’t know was the boss and his wife and the office lady we’re still there. Nevertheless they knew my plans and as I started to walk towards the showers, the office lady said I was going into the wrong showers and she had to check if it was clear first. You see, the showers were inside the ladies toilets.

So I agreed and as walked into the toilets and from behind the door said I was good to enter. As the door closes behind me, she locked it and said she had to supervise incase the bosses wife may walk in (although the door was locked).

As I stripped off, I could see she nipples were hard and she kept checking me out. She was slim and sexy but was married so I really never had any explicit thoughts of her. Anyhow she started to wriggle more and asked if I minded she join me. I was shocked but was horny so I didn’t say no. She started taking off her clothes and walked towards me with finally the g-strings to come off displaying a fully shaved pussy.

She got onto her knees and started stoking my fully erected cock and gently covered it with her mouth, kissing and sucking it. OMG it was great. I then lifted her tiny body onto the small bench and started to finger her wet pussy while licking her clit. I then inserted a second finger and can fee it was tight already, so with two fingers I started to massage her G-Spot while still licking her clit. It didn’t take long for her to cum and trying hard to contain her loud moaning.

Next I laid on the floor with my cock in her hand gliding it to her pussy. He was so tight and she gently worked the cock until it finally entered. She said her husband hadn’t fucked her in months so she wanted it to last, and I was thinking it was going to be a slow gentle fuck. All of a sudden she slammed on the accelerator and jammed my cock up her tight pussy and screamed in absolute pleasure! I knew she was in pain as she stopped for a while breathing heavily until she was ready to ride my cock. She slowly got up for her next thrush so I grabbed both nipples and pinched it as hard as I could and she dropped all her weights onto my cock and moaned even more. Now that her tight pussy was stretched, she started to jump gaining speed. I knew she needed a good fuck so everything she made her way down, I pushed up slamming hard. It wasn’t long until she started to shake and came again as she just let my cock rest inside her. It was such a turn on that I lifted her a bit and started to slam that pussy while she was cunning making her shake like a earthquake beneath her. Her pussy was so tight I was about to cum. She said to let it all flood her pussy so as I came inside her pussy while she pulled my hands to squeeze her breasts hard!

It all finished and I said now I can get into the showers but she insisted she suck my cock clean before I wash it off. This made my cock hard again and I told her I’ll give her something she’s never had before. I told her to get on her hands and knees and raise her ass and pussy. I slammed it back into her wet pussy then slowly inserted it into her tiny ass. She screamed and told me to sow down but wasn’t resisting and after the know cock was buried in her ass, she started to push hard against my cock each time I pushed. So without hesitation I started to speed up and slamming that ass. She was dead quiet so I reached down and rubbed her clit the she gave an all out moan! But I hadn’t finished yet so I continued to fuck her ass for a while until she and I was exhausted.

She finished off saying I could have her anytime, I just had to say the word. OMG now I have someone’s wife as mine!

1 month ago


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    • Enjoy each other, I did for 2 years and would not have stopped if I had not moved and taken a new job.

    • Enjoy it until word gets out.

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