Riding bitch

Im a 19 year old guy. Ive a female friend who recently bought a motorbike. Its only a little 250cc machine. I was over at her house last week and she was showing me her new purchase. I had never been on a motorbike before so she offered to take me for a ride on the back. I was a bit ruluctant at first as its not very cool for a guy to ride bitch on a motorbike, but i thought, what the hell, it could be a bit of fun.
I hoped on behind her and we went for a little ride. It was great fun and actually very sexy sitting up close behind her on the bike. I had a semi hard on by the time we got back to her house! Is it wrong that I really want to ride bitch with her again.

1 month ago

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    • Similar experience with my next door neighbor. She was three years older and her dad just got a wave runner. It was a three seater so she invited me over for the day. Seeing her in a bikini and then sitting behind her I got hard. I held on to her with my arms around her stomach but she moved them up to her chest. Nearly came in my suit when she did that but she never did anything else after that.

    • Oh thats sexy. I wonder could she feel your boner behind her!
      Im meeting my friend again and going for a longer ride with her. Im looking forward to it!

    • If u enjoy it, why not do it again. Sounds sexy riding on the back of a girls motorbike!

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