I don't consider myself gay but like guys sucking my cock

I,ve always considered myself as very straight. I've never had any desire to kiss a guy or have anal sex with a guy or suck a guy off. But I have found over the years that I get turned on having guys suck me off and shooting my load down their throat. My first experience came as quite a surprise in my early teens. My best friend was spending the night as he'd done many times before and since we knew my parents would be gone all night we were really excited. We were out riding our bikes and I stopped at the neighborhood 7-11 and I told Tom I was going to buy a Playboy magazine. He said there was no way they'd sell it to me. He didn't know I bought them there reqularley from the guy working. You see that guy had a thing for my older sister and I kept him up to date about her. When my friend made the comment if they sell you a Playboy I'll suck your dick, I took it as a figure of speech like if someone says, I'll kiss your ass.

I went in and moments later came out with the magazine in a bag. Tom just gave me a funny look and shook his head, but nothing was said. Soon we were back at my house and in bed looking at the magazine. We were both wearing only our underwear because we always slept like that. We looked through the magazine talking about what we'd like to do with each girl in detail. Though we new neither of us had ever done more than maybe kiss a girl. But to hear us that night you'd think we were experienced men of the world. We spent hours going through the magazine again & again. When I finally put it away I admit I was wishing he wasn't spending the night because I wanted to jerk off so much. We'd pulled the covers down but were on top of them because it was a warm night. My cock was still rock hard as I thought about the girls in the magazine. We neither had said a word and I was starting to think he might be asleep and considered going in the bathroom and jerking off. Then all of a sudden he said he guessed he needed to pay off his bet. I'd forgotten all about what he'd said earlier and just as I was about to ask what he meant I felt his hand sliding into my underwear.

I just froze, not knowing if it was a joke or what until his hand was wrapped around my hard cock and he'd gotten on his knees. He pulled my underwear down and even though I knew I should tell him to stop it just felt too good to have him stroking my hard cock. Then he moved around a little and spread my legs and got between them and was cupping my balls in one hand as he continued to stroke my cock. Neither of us had said a word when all of a sudden he said I had a big dick and he leaned over and started licking the shaft and then around the head and then started taking it in his mouth, taking more and more of it. He was making a moaning sound like he was getting really turned on as he sucked & stroked my cock. He went down and sucked on my balls then went right back to sucking it. At one point he'd cupped my ass and was squeezing my ass cheeks as he lick the head of my cock. Then said I had a really nice ass and commented how firm it was. Then he really shocked me when he asked me if he were to ask me would I fuck him in the ass? I just said I don't know.

He started sucking me faster and harder and I could hear him breathing deeply as if he was really turned on. Then he told me to fuck his mouth and pulled my hands down to the top of his head. Soon I was holding his head and pumping my cock in & out for all I was worth as he squeezed my ass. Finally I shot load after load in his mouth and he was swallowing every drop. Once I was finished he licked up every drop and once he had I'd gotten hard again. Without a word he sucked me off again. This time occasionally saying he'd been wanting to suck my dick for a long time and said he'd jerked of thinking about going down on me, but doing it was even better than he'd ever thought it could be. Then he really surprised me when he said mine was the biggest cock he'd ever sucked, even though the other guys were older. I was curious but didn't ask who he had sucked off? I went in the bathroom and cleaned off and was kind of turned on being naked. So when I went back to bed I stayed naked, and slept that way all night. The next morning neither of I mentioned what had happened but I still walked around naked, even after he'd gotten dressed. And it turned me on that I'd caught him looking at my now semi hard cock.

The next few weeks things went on as normal and we'd planned another sleep over, but my parents were home that night. We got in bed in our underwear and after about 15 min of silence he said I know what you want. I whispered and said what do I want? He got on his knees and slid my underwear down I was already hard when he whispered to me, you want me to suck your big dick. And took it in his mouth and sucked it until I shot off in his mouth. It got to the point whenever he spent the night I'd just go to bed naked and he suck my dick without any conversation, except if my parents were gone and he'd tell me to fuck his mouth like it was a girls pussy and he'd play with my ass. And every once in a while he'd make a comment about me maybe fucking him in the ass. This went on for a couple of years until I had a girlfriend I was having sex with as well as the fact my older sister had started having sex with me. He'd started dating too so I assumed it was just a phase. When I got married at 18yo we were still friends and when my wife and I started taking nude pictures of her I let him see them. And not long after that we had our first threesome and it was with him. But after only a few months he moved out of town for a job.

I was thinking it had just been a phase for both of us and wasn't thinking about having a guy go down on me. My wife and I were into swinging and had lots of MFM threesomes and wife swapping with cpls with Bi wives. And even a few small gang bangs. I'd had several guys who wanted to suck my cock and I declined, but was always polite. But it surprised me when my wife started to get me to let a guy suck my cock while she watched. So I finally said ok but said I wasn't going to suck them off. She was fine with that, so one night we'd picked up a couple in a bar to swap with while out of town. As the wives went at it the husband wanted to suck me off. I saw my wife looking to see what I said and I said ok, but let him know I wasn't going to return the favor. He was fine with it and soon was sucking me off as my wife watched. After that every couple of months I'd have a guy wanting to suck me off and I always made it clear that I wasn't going to do them. But considering they were getting to fuck my hot wife they were coming out ok.

Sometimes if we'd picked up several guys and taken them back to our hotel I'd just watch them with my wife, and a lot of the time after doing my wife one of them would come over and suck my cock. And she liked being gang banged in adult theaters in front of others. And I'd always have guys sucking me off while I watched. I was surprised at how many guys liked sucking cock. Some were gay, but most were bi. But were in most cases hiding it from their wife or GF. We had one experience though that surprised us. We were friends with a guy named Rob who was quite a bit older than us and he was gay. But though all our friends in our group knew no one mentioned it and he never bothered any of us. In fact he was a really cool guy to hangout with and no one had said anything he knew not to come on to any of us and we never said anything. He went out of town a couple of nights a week and we knew he was going to gay bars out of town but never said anything.

He came by to visit Lynn and I a lot and they really got along we'll and she was the first person he actually came out to. Though we all knew it was the 1st time he admitted it. And in return Lynn admitted she was bi, so he started coming over a lot now having someone he could openly talk too. And I'd get a kick out of their conversations about cute guys in a commercial or Lynn talk about a hot girl. In fact he even invited us to go with him to one of the gay bars. He told me not to worry no one would hit on me and I joked and said what I don't look good enough? But he said sometimes straight cpls came and word got out quick they were straight and it was just common courtiisy not to make them uncomfortable. Then he said anyway you're what 6-5, 250lbs? No body will bother you. We endede up going and he was right everyone was nice and Lynn danced with mostly girls but a few guys and she had one girl give her her number and we had a cpl of threesomes with later. And no guys bothered me but did joke around with me.

Lynn was an exhibitionist and living in a small town she had to dress very conservative except at home in front of close friends. One night Rob had came by and we'd been taking pictures and Lynn was wearing a garter belt & stockings with a bra totally see-through housecoat & heels. Her 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 20-yo body on full display. Lynn got ready to go change and then we both kind of figured he wouldn't even notice. When he walked in the room and saw Lynn he almost tripped over his own feet. But acted like everything was fine. But when she went to get us some beers he almost wrenched his neck checking out her ass. And told me Lynn had a very nice body. I told him to tell her. Within 30 min she had the housecoat off and he was sucking her tits. Then she went down and was sucking his cock. I couldn't resist and stripped and started fucking her from behind. I'd noticed him looking at my cock as I walked over.

After he'd shot off in her mouth & me in her pussy he whispered something to her and she smiled and ask me if I'd let him suck my cock? I paused and said this one time. I was hard again in no time and Lynn grinned ear to ear as she watched him suck me off. We never had anything sexual happen again but stayed good friends.

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    • Okay, so while you get to define your own sexuality, it DOES kinda sound like you may be at least bisexual--though not biromantic. In other words, you have a certain degree of sexual attraction to men, but not a romantic one.

    • Don't put that sick shit anywhere near my posting you sick fuck.

    • Bring those cock sucking lips closer and I'll give you something tasty to suck on

    • I hooked up with my first T-girl while stationed in Korea.I had the best experience of my life! Never thought I'd suck a cock but she had the cutest dick and I couldn't resist. After I got it in my mouth....OMG WOW! I couldn't get her off with oral but she came while I was f**king her. She rubbed some her fingers and put it in my mouth. That was hot. It was also the best sex I'd ever had in my life! T-girls are GOLD!

    • Not exactly my thing but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, But then I'd have never thought I'd be into letting a guy go down on me or sharing my wife with other guys but it turned out great.

    • Great post, thanks !

    • Thank you, it's nice to know people enjoy hearing about the hot experiences we had back in the day. That and the fact it helps me relive the experiences is why I share them. like2watch1576@gmail.com

    • Makes me wet

    • Good that's why I share our experiences. A way to relive our experiences and hopefully turn someone else on too.

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