Bar whore

I know this bar whore named Monica she would love to suck cock . Like golf ball thru a garden hose style. She a blown about 5 guys I knew at the bar. One day in my back seat she ready to blow me I say turn around let me fuck you. She says nope her pussy off limits to everyone and the reason she sucks so much dick cause she loves the way cum taste she said . I ran into her what looked like a boyfriend at a restaurant. I ignored her she ignored me but as I watched her and him lean in for a kiss I was like dam boy little you know.

1 month ago

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    • Be respectful!
      That's how she's handling the situation and there is nothing wrong with that!
      Female-31, married with 2 kids.
      I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoy giving oral and the taste of warm cum on my tongue.
      I work for a real estate company run by four men. At separate times, I've given each of them oral in their offices. Each one has begged for sex but I've turned them down. They started asking to just 'slide it in' my Vjay 'just once'.
      I remind them MY Vjay is for MY husband's pleasure. When they get persistent, I have to remind them if they like the current arrangement, they will stop hounding me for sex!

      At least you're getting pleasure and it sounds like she's being very polite. Please respect her decision because she could refuse to give you oral.

    • Maybe if you had waved your cock at her, she would've recognized you. Don't be pissy because you were one of many cum fountains.

    • Trust me I ain't pissy. She sucked a good cock

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