19 yo dude looking to do porn

Preferably petite skinny white girls

1 month ago

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    • It's difficult for guys to get in the Adult Industry.
      8 years ago my boyfriend and I move to LA with plans for both of us to get jobs in the AI.
      We did our research and met with an agent. We told him we wanted our first job to be a scene of us together. He agreed and helped us with the paperwork and testing. It's not as simple as you think.
      We also got regular jobs a gym to stay fit and have steady money.
      When the agent finally called us for our scene, my boyfriend couldn't get it up. The director told us this is common with new male talent.
      I agreed to do the scene with a male model that was on set. They changed it to a cuckhold scene and my boyfriend sat in a chair watching while I worked with the male model.
      Our agent got my boyfriend one more job and same thing happened. They agreed to let him try a third time. A scene with me and if it didn't work out, they agreed to make it a cuckhold scene again. This time he took a Viagra, got hard but became so dizzy and couldn't stand.
      That was his career. I did a few more scenes over a two year period for extra money.
      It's difficult to get into full time.

    • I bet we worked for the same agent.
      I was 18 & married at the time. We went through everything required to get in the business. The agent told us we'd have a great career but during our first scene he couldn't get hard.
      It ended up being a cuck scene but with a black model that's still working in the industry.

    • If you can't get it up, get it in, and get it off, on command, multiple times in 12 hours, or more, then, you're useless as tits on a nun.

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