Groping huge breasts

It was a crowed afternoon on the blue line train in Chicago. I was already on the train. She stuffs herself on the train. I am holding the rail. Her breasts make contact with my hand. I start to rub my fingers on her huge breast ( up and down and around). White milky breasts. She had black hair. Then she got on the redline and did the same on that other train to her. She felt so good.

1 month ago

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    • I was jammed in a subway car and a shapely young lady's butt was against my dick. Soon i have an embarrassing boner. She turns and smiles, ha ha. I give her a yikes look. I start thinking nasty thoughts, my boner subsides some. With that she wiggles her ass. it's back up and she has it up her ass crack, pushing back into me. She's still for a minute - I'm back to nasty thoughts. As soon as I go down some she wiggles again and almost laughs out loud. Now she's really letting me have it. She turns her head whispers "will it spot your pants for work?' I said no. We both came. It was 20 minute express train. I walk her to her car ans asked for he number. She said get out, that was such a whore move-- how do I tell friends "the guy a butt fucked on the train!" -- Go home and take a shower. We'll think of each other masturbating.

    • I would have got in anyway in her car and pick up where we left off.

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