Sniffing mother in law panties

I used to take care of my girlfriends house and her mom and her used to leave me right when they would leave me I would go upstairs and start sniffing her panties every pair I would get out the dirty clothes like 10 pairs and put them all on my nose even cum on some and rapped it around my dick also one time o figured out her moms phone password and I went three her picture and got picture of her naked I also would spy on her in the shower with a camera in the restroom she’s one of the best mother in laws I know because she likes to play with me touch me and just mess around I love to record her when she does laundry too because her ass is just so nice one time she blended over with her leggings and she had no panties on and I acted like I lost something in the car so we can look for it she bend over and right when she did I recorded her ass with flash and got her whole pussy and ass she loves when I rub up on her titties because she never tells me anything when I do or when she bends over I try a sniff her ass or take a picture whatever one I can do I have so many videos and pictures of her my collection is never ending I hope one day I can fuck her or do something because her panties are sexy so I just imagine how she would look in them .

1 month ago

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    • Did you sniff the part where her asshole rubbed on?

    • My ex MIL wasnt a sexy panty wearer, but omg her bra collection was beyond hot for someone who was 65 years old and a former 8th grade teacher. She caught me with one of her bras as I went in the hamper. She was like its a turn on you find my bra and breasts sexy, sorry my daughter is such a prude that way.

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