Fucking ass

If anyone could help I’d be really appreciative.

I was trying to fuck my girlfriend in the ass. We used baby oil I was getting her arsehole all oiled and lubricated. I started on one finger then two then three she was loving it to my happiness. She said she’s really interested ass stuff now whereas before she she was doing it purely for me. Anyone when it came to me trying to me putting my dick in her ass it was not happening. I’m quite girthy.

It’s the first time a dick is going inside her ass. What do I need to do to put my dick insider her tight ass?

1 month ago


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    • Ass fuck is more easy with mature women. Prepare her through inserting your fingers - first two then three. You may stretch her butt-hole using dildo or anything like it. Use plenty of lube inside her butt hole and apply some along your hard cock. First introduce the glans of your penis in - see if she is ok with it; then thrust more and ask her to relax. Then slowly increase your pressure allowing more of your cock. Eventually she will be able to take whole of your cock. Draw you cock a little and thrust hard and deep. This she will enjoy .... Watch some videos on eronite for more ideas.

    • Use anal ease. Its a numbing lub. It works. I have a black gut that fucks my ass. Hes huge. Its funny to see my little dick near his. Im under 2 inchs. Hes 14in and really fat. Its crazy how big he is. But the only way he can fuck me is with that lube. She will open up and not feel it. Once her asshole goes numb, pound her ass to pop the rings in her anal and stretch her open. Both of my rings are popped. Now i can take his cock and it dont hurt as bad. At least the gerth dont hurt no more. But the 14in long still kills me. I can feel him in my guts.

    • Stretch her with gradually bigger butt plugs and / or dildoes. Be slow, and methodical. Use a water-based lubricant like Wet.

    • I agree, lube and a butt plug.
      I met up with my first trans girl at a costume party. I had no clue until got back to her place. She was dressed as Jeannie in a pink harem costume. She's gorgeous, thin, ripped stomach and a belly ring. We started kissing and things hot heated. We went back to her place and one thing led to another and we were both naked and WOW! We gave each other oral and she took out her butt plug.
      Totally GOAT! Best sex ever!

    • What happened to you MIL and your wife?

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