A woman's butthole

There is nothing I love more than a woman's butthole. I love her first to straddle my face in her white cotton panties and just let me sniff her butthole through her panties without even touching it. Then have her pull those panties down and hand them to me. Then straddle my face again and let me sniff her again without touching her, just sniffing her clean butthole scent. Then I like her to spread her butt cheeks exposing that hole, set deep between her cheeks. The skin of her butt gives way to her spincter and then the soft flesh of her moist pink inner flesh. Set it down softly onto my nose, the moist flesh kissing me. And then she tells me "taste me, lick my butt and taste me. " I immediately do, tasting her warm moist butthole. Finally she says "stick your tongue inside of me. " I lick and suck her moist hole until I can't take any more; and she replaces my tongue by sliding down and grabbing my cock she sits down on it. She slowly rides every inch of my cock as I watch her butthole sucking my shaft making it disappear time and time again until finally my love spews deep inside of her back. She just sits there on me until I pop out, my love dripping out a little and I ask her to take me in her mouth, clean me up with your warm wet mouth. And then we kiss deeply . . .

1 month ago

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